Review Requests, Blog Tours, Interviews, Guest Posts, etc

Review requests closed for now. Still taking blog tour, guest posts, and interviews but we have to catch up on reviews (Drako 8/28/13)

If we haven’t gotten back to you, don’t worry, I will respond to you when I can get to your book




So as you have probably noticed, I like to both read and write. I do both for enjoyment. I am published as a writer, and I like to help others that are starting by giving them honest reviews. As I am developing a following (a vast majority of which are on facebook and twitter and probably don’t want their email overflowing with updates so they simply read the blogs when the link shows up), I have agreed to be a stop on blog tours and will take review requests as well. So that I don’t get bombarded with requests, I have a few simple rules or guidelines to follow if you should send me a request.

First, my favorite genres are paranormal, fantasy, science fiction, thriller, romance, and recently young adult. I will probably not review nonfiction, Christian fiction, or westerns.

Second, I give honest reviews. Do not expect me to just give you a glowing review because you gave a copy of your book. If that is what you are expecting, sorry to tell you, but you may be disappointed. Honest reviews help more than generic glowing reviews, so only ask if you want your book reviewed honestly.

Third, I read a lot. If you have a specific time frame in which you would like me to read your work, please let me know when sending me a request. If I cannot agree to your time limit, I will let you know.

Fourth, and this is vital, is the information to send me when requesting I read your work

1. Name of Novel

2. Your name (pen name if you use one)

3. Genre your book falls in

4. Synopsis of Book

5. Link to the book

6. Bios, websites, social media that you wish to include

7. Timeline for reading your work if any

8. Formats you are willing to submit your work in for review

This same information should be included if you are wanting to be interviewed, bring your blog tour. Guest posters will need to submit this information

1. Name (or pen name if you wish)

2. What kind of post you wish to submit

3. Links to any websites, blogs, or social media you wish to include

I do this all for free. I enjoy blogging, reading, and reviewing, but this is done in my free time around my day to day schedule.  So if you wish to contact me, here’s how to do so

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