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Excerpt from Journeys, Shadow of the Past

June 19, 2014 Leave a comment

So in case you missed it, I got a contract through an author house to take on my entire Journeys series. Some changes have been made to the story. It’s now an erotic paranormal romance. The series will always focus on Landon and Brian, and their love interests. Since this book is likely to be my next release, I elected to give you an excerpt from it. No release date yet, gotta talk to the publisher about that, but it won’t be too long.


During the night, Landon felt his dreams shift. He knew he was no longer in a dream. His spirit was being called home. He could not resist. An order from a Fey King was absolute, especially in the weakened state of sleep. In seconds, he stood before a large silver throne. On it sat a beautiful man, appearing closer to middle aged, with long black and silver hair. The head rested on the right hand and piercing emerald green eyes stared at him passively. The broad shouldered male was quite a bit larger than Landon and muscular. His beauty was almost painful to behold in the eyes of mortals. He was dressed in a simple, long silver robe, and knowing him he most likely wore nothing else underneath it. His full, red lips curved into a smile at the sight of Landon. The king of Avalon, Damien Adaire, was in a strangely amused mood.

“My lord?” Landon questioned, silently hating deferring to the older male.

“Your escapades with that mortal are most entertaining to watch. You have such prowess. It’s a shame I could not get you to lie with me in such a way.”

Landon scowled. “Firstly, that’s perverse that you’d be watching that. Secondly, I’m sure that’s not why you called me here when I could be waking up and doing it again.”

The king laughed. “Of course it isn’t, but I can always hope you’ll cave in. Besides, you are my warrior. I am always watching.”

“No offense, but don’t you have a queen to take up time with instead of watching me?”

Damien shrugged. “Yes, I do. And I will most likely take her once I am done with you. You have a task to do and you’re not moving about it fast enough.”

“It was my understanding that I was to live my own life as well as guard your son. He’s only half Fey. I can’t rush him into his heritage.”

“I’m aware of the terms of your time in the mortal world, but remember this. You owe me for covering up your dirty little secret.” Damien waved a hand and the normally dulled beauty Landon himself possessed came to the full surface. His eyes changed from their usual brown to a deep ocean blue. Cool energy flowed through his body, sharpening his muscle definition. His cheekbones were slightly higher and more pronounced and his skin held a slight sheen to it, almost a glow.

“Did you just release my power?” Landon asked.

“I released some of it, yes. It’s been so long since you’ve had it that you’ve forgotten how powerful you truly are. The fiercest of my warriors. Though this body you inhabit is young, you yourself are so much older. Your reincarnation into this form has been pleasing, but even reincarnated, you have innate beauty. Not the same as my own. You have more of a rugged look. Even released from the bonds you appear more human. That is why I chose you to bring my son to me.”

“I’m well aware of what you want me to do. But why the release?”

“Because the past will always catch up with you. I can’t have you dying on me. Try not to be a self-sacrificing fool this time.” The King rose from his throne. “There are other forces at work in the area. I need you to be able to face them. But keep the human at your side. He intrigues me.”

“You’re meddling. Do you know something more than what I know about this relationship?” Landon asked.

Damien chuckled. “So suspicious. I see no grand destiny, if that’s the type of answer you’re looking for. But he will be a source of strength for you.”

“He’s a mortal. No mortal, no matter how close I may be to him, will be a source of strength to me.”

Damien shook his head. “Do not try to act so cold and uncaring with me. I know better. My enemies are on the move and at some point you will need to return here. First, you must protect my son and his mother at all costs. Your past and mine endanger them. You’d do well to remember that.”

Before he could respond, Landon suddenly had the sensation of falling, right before his spirit slammed back into his body, shaking the bed in which he lay. Fortunately, Kevin remained asleep, merely pulling him closer. Landon sighed and waited for sleep to claim him again.


Gave you a taste of the paranormal side there. Hope you enjoyed. There’s a lot to this story and this series.


Character Interview: Vladimir Dracula

June 12, 2014 1 comment

So, I love doing character interviews. I’m biased, but I’m in love with most of my primary characters. But I’ve got the vampire enforcer back for another interview, and I have to say, being around him is not for those with a weak heart. So let’s get to know Vlad a little better, shall we?


Drako: So your book is out next. What’s the big problem with you in this one?

Vladimir: It’s not just my story. it’s high time to resolve the issue with Vacker and Deidre. It’s time for the gods to get out of our spotlight. Vampires and Fae come together to make life interesting, to say the least. And with the Fae come the angels.

Drako: I don’t think you get along with angels, do you?

Vladimir: *laughs* Hell no. I’ve fought my fair share of them. i’m no better than a demon to most of them. i was created as a result of Jarel killing a Demon God.

Drako: I’m familiar with the history. but my real interest is in your mate. I know you’ll find your soul mate in this story.

Vladimir: True, but I was told not to spoil anything.

Drako: I know the rules. i also know who your mate is, so we’ll talk around it.

Vladimir: In other words, we’re teasing the hell out of your fans.

Drako: Wouldn’t be an author if I didn’t tease every now and then. So, were you as surprised as I was when you figured out who your mate is?

Vladimir: Of course. I never had intentions on finding a mate. I’ve been alive longer than most. When you fail to find a mate in that first century or so, you expect to remain alone. To find my mate born in this modern era was a shock.

Drako: So how are you adjusting to mated life?

Vlad: *glares* I have a mate who constantly challenges me. It’s difficult to be someone who always gets his way through either fear or sexual appeal only to end up with a mate that can resist both tactics with relative ease.

Drako: It was fun for me to write it.

Vladimir: Yeah well, I had to live it. I hope you find your soul mate just as frustrating.

Drako: *humorless laugh* Let’s not get into the state of my love life here. It’s not nearly so interesting. Anyway, since we can’t spoil too much, let’s focus on you. You haven’t been around much in the other books. Where have you been?

Vladimir: I take periods of rest or hibernation. It’s been several hundred years since I last walked the earth. With such a long life, we vampires occasionally get overwhelmed. A break is necessary to process the changes of each era in time. It also keeps us from getting feral and perhaps breaking Jarel’s laws.

Drako: I assume that explains the difference in your appearance between Heir of Mjolnir and Blood Monarch. Your skin is darker now.

Vladimir: *nods* Yes. We can’t feed during hibernation. Our skin loses color as we sleep and blood ceases to circulate normally through our bodies. So when you first saw me, I hadn’t fed at all yet.

Drako: With you being the enforcer, I assume you can elaborate on rules a bit. What’s the deal with blood for you?

Vladimir: We crave it because the god’s blood soaked into us. That particular child of Desdemona loved the taste of blood.

Drako: What about dragons? They also drink blood.

Vladimir: They are beasts at heart. Wild and carnivorous. In the old days, dragons hunted like any other animal when in dragon form. They hunted wild animals, never humans.

Drako: So you are allowed to drink from animals? That’s not just a TV vampire thing?

Vladimir: Yes, we are allowed to but it’s not a preferred source. I prefer to drink from enemies or on rare occasions, Jarel.

Drako: He does allow you to do that after all?

Vladimir: Only the eldest of his subjects are allowed to. It’s a significant boost in power to drink from a primordial god with the raw power he has. A few drops of his blood sates the bloodlust for years, provided we’re not seriously injured at some point afterward.

Drako: What’s the deal with human blood?

Vladimir: It’s always been off limits. I’ve never been given an exact reason but I think part of it is that human blood isn’t very filling. Your blood is much thinner than that of an immortal or paranormal creature, whichever title you prefer to use. However, it’s a form of drug to us, which I think is because humans are the favored race of the gods. To sate our lust, it would require us to completely drain a human. In one as old as myself, I’d have to drain several humans dry. The mot important thing to remember is that Jarel expressly told us not to drink from them, and unless one wants to spend eternity in Tartarus, they obey.

Drako: So, you’re called the enforcer. What exactly does that entail?

Vladimir: I do what Vacker and Deidre don’t have the heart to do. I have no attachments that hold me from dealing with rogues. If their death is ordered by my god, I carry it out without hesitation. I’ve been ordered to go after other races as well. I am simply an enforcer of his laws, and not just for the race over which I rule.

Drako: Reminds me of Andreas.

Vladimir: I’m similar to him in that regard. However, he’s the general. He out ranks me. But you’ll find in his next story that I’ve helped him on some of his tougher and less favorable assignments.

Drako: Getting ahead there.

Vladimir: My apologies.

That was actually sincere. By the way, I should mention, being around this guy is a special kind of thrill. He towers over you and no matter what he wears you see those broad shoulders and those muscles. He’s dark haired and from a distance you might think brown eyed. Up close, they’re actually red, but I think they change color. He’s the type that oozes predator and raw sexual energy. Don’t know how or why his mate resisted him for so long.

Drako: Nice to know we’ll see you more often.

Vladimir: You’ll see everyone you’ve met so far again in Andreas’ next story. He’s older than me and his life as been a bit more difficult. He’s the eldest of Jarel’s children and the general of his forces. He’s more powerful than has been let on and has done a lot for Jarel, a great deal of which he didn’t agree with but he’s nothing if not loyal. Jarel is a god you don’t want to piss off in any way, and when you do, Andreas is who you might end up answering to. Frankly, if you were to piss him off, you’d better pray that he sends anyone else. A focused and alert Andreas is a dangerous one.

Drako: So, you’re saying he could take you in a fight.

Vladimir: *shows a bit of fang in a smile* I’m saying I wouldn’t want to get on his bad side. His first story showed you only a taste of what he can do. When he truly let’s loose, there aren’t many that can stop him.
Drako: You’re pretty lethal yourself, when you get serious.
Vladimir: Glad you noticed. Just remember that I’m also the sexiest thing you’ll ever meet. I can kill someone and make them swoon as I’m doing it.
Drako: I’m going to assume that’s a joke.
Vladimir: You shouldn’t. Face it, I’m gorgeous.
Drako: You’re a flirt, and your mate won’t appreciate it. Neither will I if it gets me vaporized.
Vladimir: *laughs* I think I’d catch it first. Plus side is, I’d have to be resurrected.
Drako: Yeah well, the rest of us are human and don’t have soul mates with an in with the gods. Go away, flirty.

Updates: Signed a contract, more on the books

June 1, 2014 Leave a comment

Ok, haven’t done this in a while. Big news. I signed a contract with Linkville Press. Just sent it in the mail. Pretty sure they’ll have it in a few days. They took on my Journeys series, which I’m more excited about now that I’ve figured out how to make it work. The first book, Shadows of the Past, is going through heavy edits to add to the story where I need to. And this is all before they get hold of it. I’m excited. I’ll let you know more about a release date when I know more.

That brings me to the original series, the Dragon Hunters, and the next book, Blood Monarch. I’m in love with this book because Vlad is a very different character. He’s the vampire enforcer, one of the first three created, and is easily the most sexual and flirtatious character I’ve written. I’m hoping he comes across that way. Pairing him with his mate is a really fun way to torture us all. There’s the added fun of Anaya and Galen. Making an angel get to the down and dirty has been entirely too entertaining.

I have a joint project in the works as well, another vampire story, totally different from those in the Dragon Hunters. I have to start that off to build up the history in the prologue, then my partner starts and we’ll see what it goes. Can’t wait to really get into that. I think that’ll be a great project for us.

Lastly, I have another series to start, which is tentatively titled the Coven. It’s going to focus on a particular coven of witches and instead of having the large roster of protagonists that the Dragon Hunters has, the whole series will focus on that Coven and their battles in the supernatural world, as well as their oh so fun love lives. It’s another mixed series. Two of the three in the coven are husband and wife, the third and leader is about to get a nice jump start in his love life. That’ll be some kind of interesting for me to get into. A series totally focused on three or four main characters the whole way. I’m still deciding on some aspects but I want it to be a different world from the Dragon Hunters. I’m creating a pantheon of gods for these witches to interact with but the story is most definitely theirs.

That’s about it on updates for now. Time to get to work on all these books. Can’t wait to really get time to get to work.

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Character Interview: Jarel & Vlad

May 14, 2014 Leave a comment

So, everyone’s getting a little active this week with interviews. Here’s an interesting combination for you, the Black Dragon God and the vampire enforcer. Jarel and Vladimir Dracula decide to stop through to make my boring day not nearly as boring.


Me: So this is an odd combo. What brings both of you to me today?

Jarel: Well, I’m always around. Figured you must be bored out of your mind at work. Why not give you a momentary distraction.

Vlad: And some eye candy.

Jarel: *rolls his eyes* I’m really going to have to have a talk with Aphrodite about you. I’m becoming convinced she had something to do with your birth.

Vlad: Do you find me as irresistible as everyone else?

Jarel: Given that I haven’t plowed you, no. Must you be so damn irritating?

Vlad: *grins* I brighten your day and you know it.

Me: Yeah, anyway, before that spirals out of control what’s the deal. Got some news for me?

Jarel: I always have news. But this is one of those interview things. You’re supposed to ask the questions.

Me: Hardly fair. I’m not prepared.

Jarel: I’m a primordial god. Don’t insult my intelligence.

Me: Alright fine, when the hell do I get to write your book.

Jarel: Yeah, any question but that.

Vlad: Oh that’s so not fair. We all know you get one. Why play with everyone’s emotions?

Jarel: Hi, I’m a primordial god that even the most powerful gods fear and revere. I do what I want.

Vlad: You told him to ask a question. You could give some form of an answer. See, this is why fate made me, to piss you off because you piss everyone else off. It restores balance.

Jarel: Fine, you’re get my story after you get to all my children. Yes I do have one, and no, I’m not telling you if I have a mate or who it is.

Me: You’re no fun. At least I know who Vlad’s mate is.

Vlad: Yeah, that’s a bit of a shock to me too. I’m convinced this one did it on purpose.

Jarel: I don’t create souls or soul mates. I just spot them and light a fire under them on occasion to get them to make a move.

Vlad: Your fire is getting tame if you call that ordeal I went through lighting a fire under mates.

Jarel: Only fair to make you work for it for once.

Vlad: Bastard.

Me: That’s an awfully odd way to talk to your god, you know.

Vlad: Dude, you’re writing our stories. Clearly you know what he’s like. I’ve put up with him over 10,000 years.

Me: Speaking of which, you answered the question before about how you got the name Vlad the Impaler. I posted it for fans a few weeks ago. You never said what prompted the idea.

Vlad: Well, Vacker wasn’t doing his job. Killing them alone didn’t send the message. Anyone could have killed them for any reason. And I mean that. Weak little fuckers.

Jarel: I did enjoy that particular look of horror when Vacker saw those heads on spikes in front of his house. Can’t believe I never thought of it myself.

Vlad: Anyway, I had to send a message. Do your job as the parents of the race or I murder them brutally.

Me: Doesn’t seem like he fully got the hint.

Vlad: No one ever said he was smart. And Deidre was always too willing to let him take the lead. She was better at enforcing than he was but then the kids just run to daddy and daddy spoils them. I don’t actually understand why I couldn’t just kill him.

Jarel: He had moments where he would do the right thing and abide by my laws.

Vlad: Yeah, and look where that line of thought got us. Power hungry blood crazed brats helping to resurrect the most dangerous of all Titans and aiding Lucifer. Oh, not to mention a dead son for you and two tormented grandchildren forced to grow up and into their powers much too fast. Good judgment call there.

Jarel: Do you actually value your life or have you become suicidal?

Vlad: I am what you made me. I was actually raised in your palace. What the hell do you expect?

Jarel: A certain level of tact would be nice.

Vlad: Yeah, I’ll learn that when you do.

Me: Jarel, you do seem to meddle a lot. What’s with the match maker thing?

Jarel: It’s simple. Being in my service is never simple. My children go through a lot more than I generally intend for them to. All that they do should be rewarded with more than just a long life. When I see their soul mates, I maneuver them towards them.

Me: Ok, so I know Vlad’s story is next and then Andreas and Kazarian have another one. Who’s next?

Jarel: Octavius will be after them. Hard headed little….

Vlad: Now now, let’s be nice when talking about your nephew.

Jarel: Said nephew is actually more annoying than you. If my hair could naturally go grey, he’d be the reason for it. I got loads of satisfaction out of what happened to him.

Me: So knowing you, what happens to him isn’t good.

Vlad: Let’s just say, he has a rough road ahead of him. But at least you get to find out why he’s such a gigantic arrogant jackass.

Me: Do I want to know why you call him that?

Vlad: Other than the obvious fact that it’s the truth? I’m about as old as he is and we don’t exactly get a long. Why the hell Zarel and Nyx birthed golden flames is beyond me. He really acts like a golden child. Spoiled, hard headed, whiny.

Jarel: Eternal pain in my ass.

Me: I kinda need there to be a happy point in his story, you know, a happy one for him.

Jarel: The jackass finds his soul mate. He just has to go through really hard time to get there.

Me: He’s a god. How hard can it be?

Jarel: Hmm, how shall I put this without spoiling it?

Vlad: Think what happens with Vacker throughout my story, multiplied by one hundred.

Me: Yeah, no one else knows how your story ends.

Vlad: Yeah, but you do. We all have our trials to go through. I think he came out better at the end.

Jarel: I don’t rightly care. I got what I wanted and his father elected not to try to save him. In fact, his father starts it. It’s really not a good thing when he and I are on the exact same page.

Me: People and gods alike tend to die when you and Zarel agree.

Jarel: *grins sadistically* I love how well you know me.

Well, that answers a question for me. I don’t like that grin though. Jarel’s more than a little twisted. Hmm, guess I’ve got to get Vlad’s story out of the way for you all to learn what happens with Octavius, the Golden Dragon God. I felt like he’d be coming soon. After all, one of his children is the last to go rogue.

Character Interview: Merlin

May 13, 2014 Leave a comment

I don’t know about you, but Merlin is a mystery I want to solve. There are so many stories involving this man, I thought it’d be a good time to sit down and talk with him. Maybe he’ll shed some light on himself for all of you too.

Me: So, I have to say, you’re one of my favorite historical figures of all time. There’s a lot of different stories about you.

Merlin: *chuckles* Yes, there are many tales, some based on truth, some completely false. Things are often changed throughout the course of history.

Me: Well, I don’t want to be rude, but let’s start with the obvious. The biggest mystery is perhaps how you were born and what race you’re descended from.

Merlin: That is a good one. If you must be technical about it, I suppose I am half Fae, and half human. I’m something of an experiment, I’m told. Hecate meddled a bit to have me conceived.

Me: That’s a bit odd. Did she have a particular goal.

Merlin: But of course she did. What that is, I’ll probably never know, but Hecate always has a goal with whatever she does. But I was raised mostly in the mortal world. My father was one of the Fae, and a very powerful one. He could not remain with my mother for reasons that have never made much sense. The laws the Fae have imposed are strange and often times petty.

Me: Wait a sec, I thought the angels made the laws for the Fae.

Merlin: Definitely not. In the beginning, they did. But their orders from the goddess Verlaine were to let the race thrive on their own. This is why the angels live separately from the Fae now. Different laws govern the races.

Me: You’re very familiar with that side of you.

Merlin: Yes, I’m quite familiar with them. I spent my formative mortal years with my mother, but my father most certainly paid visits when possible and eventually, I was brought to the land of the Fae. Most specifically to the aisle of Avalon.

Me: The place where King Arthur was said to be sent to rest after the battle with Mordred. Any truth to that?

Merlin: The stories they tell of Arthur are always so very interesting. No, he was not sent to Avalon. He died in that battle. He defeated Mordred but sustained wounds that were to great to be healed. In reality, it was simply the man’s time. And with him came the fall of Camelot.

Me: I’m pretty sure the story says that you took Excalibur and threw it into the lake, giving it back to the Lady of the Lake.

Merlin: *chuckles again* Yes, one of the many names for Hecate. The goddess comes to us in many forms. There was a lake she took to communicate with Druids back in the old days. That was the name the Druids gave her. And Excalibur was her sword, one she had crafted by Hephaestus and blessed with some of her own power. I imagine she still has it. She’s probably waiting to give it to someone new, her next Chosen.

Me: I got the feeling there would be more. So how did she come to choose you?

Merlin: Well, it’s her meddling that brought about my birth in the first place. I was Chosen from the start, and my parents knew it. But we noticed a problem early on in that I could not use my Fae powers in the mortal realm. It was Hecate that decided I was to be a witch and personally taught me to use my powers. My actions have generally been guided by her. Some things are simply fate and could not be avoided, such as Arthur’s death.

Me: So, how well do you get along with Jarel? Seems like he’s a tough one for most people, at best, to tolerate.

Merlin: I get along with him quite well. After all, he’s the oldest of the gods, the most dangerous of them, and never a god to have upset at you. Besides, he doesn’t really hate my kind, whether you refer to me as witch, Fae, human, or hybrid. He just hates the angels.

Me: How do you get along with the angels?

Merlin: Some I get along well with, others I’ve had a skirmish or two with.

Me: I’ve been wondering how well a Fae matches up to an angel.

Merlin: If they don’t fear they angel, they can match up just fine. It is the fear with which Fae are raised that prompts them to fear the angels. They can be defeated, the same as any other foe.

Me: So, how was the training of Vax? We didn’t get to see much of it. Are you done training him?

Merlin: We’ve gone through the basics and he’s handy at wielding Mjolnir. His confidence is building, and confidence is everything in the Craft. I’m not sure I like his mate’s influence…..

Me: Whoa, no one knows who his mate is yet. I haven’t put that story out.

Merlin: *laughs* My apologies. I suppose that’s a story for our next interview. Next time you should bring along some fan questions. I thoroughly enjoyed when the eldest Dragon was hit with those odd ball questions. It is enchanting to see him flustered.

Me: I’ll keep that in mind for next time. Where are you off to?

Merlin: I think I’ll go home and take a good long nap. I’m not a young man you know, and sleep is always beneficial at my age.

Me: What is your age?

Merlin: *laughs again* Oh my, we’re suddenly out of time, aren’t we?

Crafty old witch, isn’t he? I’ll get him next time



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Character interview: Demun

May 11, 2014 Leave a comment

So apparently Demun has some issues with some misconceptions and has demanded a solo interview. Well, he’s the Demon God King, so who am I to argue with him?

Me: So, what’s going on? Shouldn’t you be happily enjoying marriage and parenthood?

Demun: Say that again and I’ll shank you.

Drako: Oh that’s really friendly.

Vic: Welcome to my life kid. We have the absolute oddest marriage ever. I think he’s a bit too much like his grandfather.

Jarel: Don’t you dare put that on me. That’s his grandmother’s side of him.

Demun: How about both of you go away? This is my interview time.

Vic: Someone should turn you over their knee. Sounds like an idea.

Jarel: That’s gross and I’m so out of here on that one.

Can’t help but shake my head and chuckle here. The primordial god of black fire is grossed out by playful sex talk. But it is his grandson involved. I guess we can forgive him.

Demun: Anyway, marriage is great, when the asshole that is my husband is being less of an asshole. As far as parenting, gotta love my daughter but you do know who her mother is, right? Co-parenting with the goddess of war is no picnic.

Me: So, what’s up with the interview? You kind of demanded it, you know?

Demun: Yeah, I tend to do that. So here’s the deal. You ever watch anime or science fiction stuff and notice how they depict demons? That kind of pisses me off.

Me: Gonna have to be more specific here guy.

Demun: Ok, you were watching one the other day, something about some brat being the son of Lucifer….

Me: Technically they said Satan.

Demun: Who the hell cares? It’s the same jackass under different names. I use his actual name. Point is, I hate how demons are depicted. There’s a lot of misconceptions and I think those should be cleared up.

Me: In our defense, you’ve only shown us one demon that wasn’t crazed and very shortly after butchered by you or your family.

Demun: Don’t get me wrong. Demons are a violent, fickle race. But, all demons aren’t evil. Look at Krazas, my general. He’s more of a benefit to mankind.

Me: There’s also that myth that demons are descended from fallen angels.

Demun: Yeah, that bullshit. Look, fact is, demons are descended from Desdemona and Lucifer. Lucifer is the son of Erebus and Nyx, darkness and night. Desdemona is the daughter of Verlaine, creator of the angels and the Fae. But demons aren’t descended from the Fae. Only connection they have is misguided hatred due to Desdemona being the dumb bitch she was and helping Lucifer kill her mother.

Me: That’s slightly confusing.

Demun: Not my fault if you can’t keep up. Fact is, angels and demons aren’t actually related. They’re creations of different gods with differing beliefs. Fact is, not all angels are beneficial and not all demons are destructive. All creatures have free will. Angels fall a lot more often then they’d like you to believe, and demons have been known to actually help humanity. I’ll even let you in on a secret. A lot of the ancient pantheons of gods that man worshiped weren’t gods at all. They were demons that worked to benefit man.

Me: Those demons weren’t accused of hubris?

Demun: They weren’t telling anyone they were greater than other gods. Zeus didn’t give a damn. It didn’t interfere with his rule of the universe and they weren’t attempting to rise against him. If they had, he’d have wiped them out.

Me: So these gods exist still?

Demun: Some of them. Some of them I took out. They liked my grandmother better. I liked setting them on fire.

Me: Harsh.

Demun: Takes a harsh kind of god to keep demons in line.

Me: Have you made any changes to laws since you took over?

Demun: Oh yeah, I sealed Shevat off. Demons can’t get out without going through specific portals, and my armies control those. a lot of demons have gotten slaughtered lately. Some of those stories you hear about demons are true, and I’m attempting to contain those particular demons. They can wreak all the havoc they want in Shevat, but when they try to cross to the mortal world, they get to find out why I’m the God King and they have to do what I say.

Me: Alright, so let’s be frank. When are you showing up in the books again? I haven’t seen you yet in Blood Monarch.

Demun: I don’t like the Fae and I’ve already discovered that I tend to have misunderstandings with certain angels. Didn’t really want to be around for all that. Besides, I love my twin with all my heart and soul, but we’re two separate gods with separate responsibilities. You’ll see more of me though. Don’t you have to continue my uncles’ story?

Me: Yep, that’s the next one.

Demun: Yeah me and Vic will be all through that story. I love my two uncles so with all that they go through, I had to come around. A lot. Seriously, that was one hell of a situation. I’d rather go toe to toe with Typhon again than to have to go through anything like that. Speaking of which, where the hell is Vic?

Vic: Oh now you want me around? This was your interview, remember?

Demun: No one likes a smart ass.

Vic: What do you want?

Demun: Got any secrets I need to know about? You know, ones that might make my life complicated later?

Vic: Really? You’re just going to put me on the spot in the middle of an interview?

Oh this is just perfect. I’m just sitting back watching them argue. These two are great. You’d think they’ve been together for 50 years or so. Soul mates are so interesting to watch in person.

Demun: Oh, now you want to be shy? It’s a simple question.

Vic: The hell it is. That’s complex and you’re a jerk for asking me in front of guests.

Me: I kind of resent being called a guest. I’m the guy writing your stories. Sharing them with the world. Kind of a douchebag comment.

Demun: See, this is why I like you, Drako. You freely call Vic out when he’s a douchebag. And he’s almost always a douchebag.

Vic: Oh and you’re just the resident god of kindness and love and happiness? Dude, I live with you. You actually hurl fireballs at people if you feel your sleep is interrupted. Then you killed one of the demon kings because he gave you a weird look.

Demun: He was trying to figure out the best way to attack me. I read it in his mind. So I struck first. He’s in Tartarus, I’m still on my throne, everything is all good.

Vic: Then there’s the nanny Athena had to help with your daughter.

Demun: Oh, I know you’re not going there with me. You thought Vax was making a move on your brat and tried to shoot him.

Vic: I didn’t really try or I wouldn’t have missed.

See what I mean? It’s probably best to let them just keep going and quietly sneak out of the room. Anyway, got a little insight on demons here. Pretty sure we’ll get to know them better all too soon.

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March 25, 2014 Leave a comment

So, I haven’t had a lot of time to post anything lately. Unfortunately, I’m too wrapped up in school as I approach getting my first degree in psychology. Classes and my day job are taking an awful lot of my time. I’ve gotten some writing done here and there, and some reading, but sometimes I’m just too tired to actually post reviews.

So, on to the updates, there will be three reviews being posted sometime over the next couple of days. I’m still not going to take on too many requests because it’s just me doing the reviews and as I said, I’m finding it difficult to find time to do them all. Those waiting on a review from me, be patient, I’ll get to you shortly. At some point I hope to find a few more people just to do reviews on the blog. (If interested, shoot me an email and we’ll talk it over)

Now onto the good part, writing. I have a fair amount done on Blood Monarch. Whenever I finally find some free time, I’m really going to put some extra work on it. Vlad’s story is probably the most fun to tell because he’s more of a sexual and seductive character. He’s totally fun to write.

Next, Andreas has another book, tentatively called the Dragon’s Secrets. That may change but many people want more of him and there’s plenty more to tell. Andreas has been alive a long time and done a lot of things, so small spoiler, it’s going to come back and bite him in the ass. Hard. I’m not having fun with that because he’s going to take me on an emotional roller coaster. Poor Kazarian.

That’s it for now. Hope to get these reviews up soon, and maybe a character interview. Depends on which character folks would like to ask some questions of.

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