Notable Events

  • ​3/16/13-3/23/13: Giveaway of Dragon Hunter’s Guide hosted
  • 3/3/13-3/9/13: The Lost Dragon on sale for free on Smashwords only
  • 2/5/13: Released the Lost Dragon on Smashwords​
  • 12/15/12: Held release party for Fatal Healing
  • 12/4/12: Fatal Healing is released on Createspace, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble
  • 11/9/12: The cover for Fatal Healing was completed​
  • 10/5/12: The Lost Dragon was re-released on Nook; also began taking orders for signed paperback copies
  • 10/3/12: Announced winners to my first giveaway of signed paperback copies
  • ​9/19/2012:Began first giveaway of signed copies of paperback books, as well as one free copy of each book on Nook and Kindle; decided to host a gallery of Pagan Artists work
  • ​8/20/2012: Odele’s book is finally given a title, Fatal Healing
  • 8/17/2012: Participated in my first Fan Page Friday on Facebook, gaining several new fans
  • 7/24/2012: The Dragon Hunter’s Guide is released on Kindle and Nook
  • 7/23/2012: The Dragon Hunter’s Guide is released in paperback
  • 6/15/2012: hosted the first Free Promotion day on Amazon for the Dragon Witch. At the end of the day 315 copies of the book had been sold
  • 6/12/2012: Added link to Writer’s Cafe page and guestbook
  • 6/10/2012: Set up store for orders on paperback books
  • 5/20/2012: The Dragon Witch is available on Amazon Kindle
  • 5/18/2012: The Dragon Witch is available on Barnes and Noble Nook; submitted it to Amazon KDP for publishing
  • 5/17/2012: The Dragon Witch submitted for publishing
  • 5/16/2012: The Dragon Witch was completed
  • 5/8/2012: The book cover for the Dragon Witch was completed and posted on my Facebook
  • 4/25/2012 Victoria and Kazarian’s bios added; began work on the Dragon Hunter’s Guide
  • 3/10/2012: The Lost Dragon Paperback published
  • 3/3/2012: First Sales report for The Lost Dragon Ebook released
  • 1/20/2012: The Lost Dragon Ebook forms published
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