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Etched in History by Amanda Marie

Synopsis: Now available from Linkville Press!

Two families: one white, one black. One family escapes the oppression of 19th-century slavery; the other seeks refuge from the oppression of nature gone wrong. They meet in the wilds of Oregon, in a world far different from the places of their origins.

Hope is a strong, vivacious girl, open to friendships and willing to accept all. Joshua is the black teen who becomes her best friend, even though her family does not wish it. When Hope goes blind from scarlet fever, Joshua is instrumental in finding help for her, and Elijah and Mia pave the way for a relationship that spans the centuries.

A few years pass, and now Joshua comes to Hope’s aid again, when it seems there is a way to regain her sight. When their relationship blooms into something more serious, it turns out that the ones who are truly blind are those who let racism stand in the way of love.

Set in 1800s Oregon, Hope’s journey has her meeting historical figures such as Oregon Senator George Baldwin and Mr. William Clark (Montana’s Copper King) and is a story that will surpass the limitations of prejudice.


Review: Historical fiction or historical romance isn’t really my genre. However, I read this and found it to be interesting. It is written from several characters’ perspective, giving the reader insight into the minds and feelings of each character instead of just the eyes of one. It’s a historical romance, and as such must have had some research behind it, which the author clearly did and did well. This was a sweet romance touching on more than just the love, but also the racial issues of the time and the courage of the characters to look past what society of the time told them was wrong to reach happiness. It’s a very touching and well written, well researched story that paints a very accurate view, in my opinion, of the feelings of the time.



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