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The Welter War by D. Drache Dragao

weltar war cover


Synopsis: The boxer: The king at 147 pounds, Michael Bennett, is brash and cocky but has the ability to back up his mouth in the ring. But why won’t he defend his words in the sport he constantly runs down? Surely he isn’t afraid of men who can come in off the street and fight in uncivilized settings like a cage.

The mixed martial artist: Elijah Moore, the greatest welterweight in the history of the fastest rising sport, comes from a more humble background. His life outside of the cage is driven by the memory of his beloved. He has a secret that needs to come off of his chest and unwaveringly stares hate and intolerance in the eye to bare himself to the world.

It’s not common knowledge that there’s no love lost between Elijah and Michael, but their accolades and their personal battles set the stage for an inevitable war that will answer the question: which is the superior combat sport?

Review: This isn’t a romance story exactly. There are elements of romance in it. Elijah’s sexuality comes to play a big part, but it’s more of showing who he is than a major focal point. I like him. He’s honorable and loyal, fiercely devoted to his family. Michael is his polar opposite. He’s a boxer and looks down on MMA. He’s very brash, has a bit of a temper, and is not the most likable guy. He’s a family man, that much is obvious. He loves his son, he loves his wife. This story is a build to a clash of these two men who are at the top of their sports and the clash that comes before mutual respect. The final fight between the two is satisfying and comes to a respectable conclusion.


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