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The Pendragon Legacy: Sons of Camelot book One by Sarah Luddington


Synopsis: “I am just a man, I am not the Black Wolf of Albion or the White Hart of Camelot, I am just a man. I have but one task – to keep Galahad du Lac alive and away from the Lady of the Lake long enough for him to take the throne of Albion. I will do this for the sake of Camelot and my heritage, but also because Galahad du Lac is possibly the only man I will ever truly love.”

Loholt Pendragon and Galahad du Lac are the two men set to rule Albion now the old guard are gone.

Unfortunately, Loholt is burdened by a crown he doesn’t want and a heritage of which he feels unworthy. Galahad is burdened by his parent’s sacrifice to The Lady.

Her hate for the royal family has left Galahad profoundly damaged and a difficult man with whom to reason.

These two young men must find a way to work together to save their families, their heritage and ultimately each other.

The first book in a new series based on hugely successful Knights of Camelot that began with Lancelot and the Wolf.


Review: I love this author. I have since the first book of Knights of Camelot. That series was an emotional roller coaster. I can already tell this one will be the same. I love Loholt, Arthur’s son, a lot more than I did his father. He’s very comfortable with who he is, but he doesn’t like the responsibility that comes with being the oldest living child of King Arthur and heir to the throne of Camelot. He doesn’t want to marry a woman he can’t truly love just to have children. He doesn’t want the complicated love life his father and Lancelot had. Too bad he’s already got it. Galahad is a victim in all this. Raised by the very strict, rigid, and misguided Lady of the lake, he’s supposed to rule her way when he gets to challenge for the throne. He’s raised to believe that his mother, Morgana, and father, Lancelot, were tainted and poisoning Avalon. I still hate the Lady, as I should, and reading this story I ache for Loholt, who goes through the ultimate embarassment at one point in the line of duty to protect the future king and the man he’s in love with. Both face betrayal and heartache, and I cannot wait for the second book in this series.


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