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Updates: Writing, new site, etc……

It’s been a while so I figured it was time to post some new updates. Lets make sure to get to the fun part first, my writing. So, in case you didn’t know, my new series Journeys was picked up by Linkville Press. I’m not sure of the release date yet. I’m still waiting on the editor to get done with the first round of edits. Tells me this might be a longer process than usual for me, but it’s in their hands now.

Back to the original series, the Dragon Hunters. The next book will be Blood Monarch. Gotta tell you, this one might get a bit steamier than all the last ones. This book is Vlad’s book, or Dracula if you will. And my Vlad is very sexual. The guy oozes sex. His mate is just fun to torture him with. I’m over 30k into it, but there’s more than Vlad to this. This book will wrap up Anaya and Galen’s story while also giving some of their history, and the mystery that is Vacker Devial, who has been mentioned but not yet seen in any of the books. Time for the father of the vampire race to pay his dues.

After that, there’s the Dragon’s Secrets, where we return to Andreas and Kazarian to discover that the eldest dragon has a lot of secrets and is a bit more of a badass than even I thought at first. There’s a rough road ahead for the couple that already had the roughest road. This one isn’t the fun kind of torture. Andreas has a lot to make up for and is a lot more like his father than I realized originally.

Then there is the new series entitled the Coven. The main characters are Talis, Terryn, Cian, and Dion. The first three are the witches of the coven. Cian is Terryn’s husband. Talis is considered the leader and strongest of the three and is Terryn’s older brother. Dion is Talis’ new yet not new love interest. The first book in this series shows Dion’s return into Talis’ life, and he comes with some baggage. A truly dangerous stalker with possession issues and powers of her own. I’ve decided each book in this series will focus on these main four characters and their relationships, struggles, and battles. I’ve got about six chapters written on this and I love it. This series may be mainly novellas instead of full length novels, or I could release it as a serial on Amazon. Not sure, but I’ll know soon enough.

And of course I’m sure you’re wondering about the new site part. Well, fact is, I can’t really host blog tours here per their policy, and that irks the hell out of me. So I’ll have a second site which may become my primary site. Not sure yet, depends on how I feel about running everything on the new site. There’ll be more on that later.

That wraps up all the updates I have for you, I think. There’ll be more to come shortly so stay posted.

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