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Excerpt from Journeys, Shadow of the Past

So in case you missed it, I got a contract through an author house to take on my entire Journeys series. Some changes have been made to the story. It’s now an erotic paranormal romance. The series will always focus on Landon and Brian, and their love interests. Since this book is likely to be my next release, I elected to give you an excerpt from it. No release date yet, gotta talk to the publisher about that, but it won’t be too long.


During the night, Landon felt his dreams shift. He knew he was no longer in a dream. His spirit was being called home. He could not resist. An order from a Fey King was absolute, especially in the weakened state of sleep. In seconds, he stood before a large silver throne. On it sat a beautiful man, appearing closer to middle aged, with long black and silver hair. The head rested on the right hand and piercing emerald green eyes stared at him passively. The broad shouldered male was quite a bit larger than Landon and muscular. His beauty was almost painful to behold in the eyes of mortals. He was dressed in a simple, long silver robe, and knowing him he most likely wore nothing else underneath it. His full, red lips curved into a smile at the sight of Landon. The king of Avalon, Damien Adaire, was in a strangely amused mood.

“My lord?” Landon questioned, silently hating deferring to the older male.

“Your escapades with that mortal are most entertaining to watch. You have such prowess. It’s a shame I could not get you to lie with me in such a way.”

Landon scowled. “Firstly, that’s perverse that you’d be watching that. Secondly, I’m sure that’s not why you called me here when I could be waking up and doing it again.”

The king laughed. “Of course it isn’t, but I can always hope you’ll cave in. Besides, you are my warrior. I am always watching.”

“No offense, but don’t you have a queen to take up time with instead of watching me?”

Damien shrugged. “Yes, I do. And I will most likely take her once I am done with you. You have a task to do and you’re not moving about it fast enough.”

“It was my understanding that I was to live my own life as well as guard your son. He’s only half Fey. I can’t rush him into his heritage.”

“I’m aware of the terms of your time in the mortal world, but remember this. You owe me for covering up your dirty little secret.” Damien waved a hand and the normally dulled beauty Landon himself possessed came to the full surface. His eyes changed from their usual brown to a deep ocean blue. Cool energy flowed through his body, sharpening his muscle definition. His cheekbones were slightly higher and more pronounced and his skin held a slight sheen to it, almost a glow.

“Did you just release my power?” Landon asked.

“I released some of it, yes. It’s been so long since you’ve had it that you’ve forgotten how powerful you truly are. The fiercest of my warriors. Though this body you inhabit is young, you yourself are so much older. Your reincarnation into this form has been pleasing, but even reincarnated, you have innate beauty. Not the same as my own. You have more of a rugged look. Even released from the bonds you appear more human. That is why I chose you to bring my son to me.”

“I’m well aware of what you want me to do. But why the release?”

“Because the past will always catch up with you. I can’t have you dying on me. Try not to be a self-sacrificing fool this time.” The King rose from his throne. “There are other forces at work in the area. I need you to be able to face them. But keep the human at your side. He intrigues me.”

“You’re meddling. Do you know something more than what I know about this relationship?” Landon asked.

Damien chuckled. “So suspicious. I see no grand destiny, if that’s the type of answer you’re looking for. But he will be a source of strength for you.”

“He’s a mortal. No mortal, no matter how close I may be to him, will be a source of strength to me.”

Damien shook his head. “Do not try to act so cold and uncaring with me. I know better. My enemies are on the move and at some point you will need to return here. First, you must protect my son and his mother at all costs. Your past and mine endanger them. You’d do well to remember that.”

Before he could respond, Landon suddenly had the sensation of falling, right before his spirit slammed back into his body, shaking the bed in which he lay. Fortunately, Kevin remained asleep, merely pulling him closer. Landon sighed and waited for sleep to claim him again.


Gave you a taste of the paranormal side there. Hope you enjoyed. There’s a lot to this story and this series.

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