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Torii (To Rule the Universe Book 1) by Amanda Marie

Synopsis: Tara just wanted to fit in, but she hated school. When the weird talking dog shows up in her room, Tara is convinced she’s studying too hard, but she can’t shake the feeling that something’s wrong. When her best friend is killed, Tara finally decides to listen to the dog, and finds herself in a world she only thought existed in books and movies. So just who is she? And who is the mysterious man with the hypnotic green eyes? Are myths really reality?


Review: Took me a few to get the flow here, but once I did, I was pretty hooked. First off, major point for me due to personal preferences is the fact that Tara is a red head. Red heads rock. Now, as for the actual story, Tara starts off feeling like a normal teen. Has no clue what she really is. She knows she’s adopted, but she wasn’t more than a year old at the time. She has a brother that she was found with, and she’s had a pretty privileged upbringing. She quickly finds herself thrust into a world she’d never have been able to imagine before, and now she’s got far bigger worries than getting passing grades in school. She’s a pretty important person.
The ending leaves me with a cliffhanger. Not that I didn’t see it becoming a problem, but it makes things so much more interesting later. So the only question is, where’s the next book?

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