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Character Interview: Vladimir Dracula

So, I love doing character interviews. I’m biased, but I’m in love with most of my primary characters. But I’ve got the vampire enforcer back for another interview, and I have to say, being around him is not for those with a weak heart. So let’s get to know Vlad a little better, shall we?


Drako: So your book is out next. What’s the big problem with you in this one?

Vladimir: It’s not just my story. it’s high time to resolve the issue with Vacker and Deidre. It’s time for the gods to get out of our spotlight. Vampires and Fae come together to make life interesting, to say the least. And with the Fae come the angels.

Drako: I don’t think you get along with angels, do you?

Vladimir: *laughs* Hell no. I’ve fought my fair share of them. i’m no better than a demon to most of them. i was created as a result of Jarel killing a Demon God.

Drako: I’m familiar with the history. but my real interest is in your mate. I know you’ll find your soul mate in this story.

Vladimir: True, but I was told not to spoil anything.

Drako: I know the rules. i also know who your mate is, so we’ll talk around it.

Vladimir: In other words, we’re teasing the hell out of your fans.

Drako: Wouldn’t be an author if I didn’t tease every now and then. So, were you as surprised as I was when you figured out who your mate is?

Vladimir: Of course. I never had intentions on finding a mate. I’ve been alive longer than most. When you fail to find a mate in that first century or so, you expect to remain alone. To find my mate born in this modern era was a shock.

Drako: So how are you adjusting to mated life?

Vlad: *glares* I have a mate who constantly challenges me. It’s difficult to be someone who always gets his way through either fear or sexual appeal only to end up with a mate that can resist both tactics with relative ease.

Drako: It was fun for me to write it.

Vladimir: Yeah well, I had to live it. I hope you find your soul mate just as frustrating.

Drako: *humorless laugh* Let’s not get into the state of my love life here. It’s not nearly so interesting. Anyway, since we can’t spoil too much, let’s focus on you. You haven’t been around much in the other books. Where have you been?

Vladimir: I take periods of rest or hibernation. It’s been several hundred years since I last walked the earth. With such a long life, we vampires occasionally get overwhelmed. A break is necessary to process the changes of each era in time. It also keeps us from getting feral and perhaps breaking Jarel’s laws.

Drako: I assume that explains the difference in your appearance between Heir of Mjolnir and Blood Monarch. Your skin is darker now.

Vladimir: *nods* Yes. We can’t feed during hibernation. Our skin loses color as we sleep and blood ceases to circulate normally through our bodies. So when you first saw me, I hadn’t fed at all yet.

Drako: With you being the enforcer, I assume you can elaborate on rules a bit. What’s the deal with blood for you?

Vladimir: We crave it because the god’s blood soaked into us. That particular child of Desdemona loved the taste of blood.

Drako: What about dragons? They also drink blood.

Vladimir: They are beasts at heart. Wild and carnivorous. In the old days, dragons hunted like any other animal when in dragon form. They hunted wild animals, never humans.

Drako: So you are allowed to drink from animals? That’s not just a TV vampire thing?

Vladimir: Yes, we are allowed to but it’s not a preferred source. I prefer to drink from enemies or on rare occasions, Jarel.

Drako: He does allow you to do that after all?

Vladimir: Only the eldest of his subjects are allowed to. It’s a significant boost in power to drink from a primordial god with the raw power he has. A few drops of his blood sates the bloodlust for years, provided we’re not seriously injured at some point afterward.

Drako: What’s the deal with human blood?

Vladimir: It’s always been off limits. I’ve never been given an exact reason but I think part of it is that human blood isn’t very filling. Your blood is much thinner than that of an immortal or paranormal creature, whichever title you prefer to use. However, it’s a form of drug to us, which I think is because humans are the favored race of the gods. To sate our lust, it would require us to completely drain a human. In one as old as myself, I’d have to drain several humans dry. The mot important thing to remember is that Jarel expressly told us not to drink from them, and unless one wants to spend eternity in Tartarus, they obey.

Drako: So, you’re called the enforcer. What exactly does that entail?

Vladimir: I do what Vacker and Deidre don’t have the heart to do. I have no attachments that hold me from dealing with rogues. If their death is ordered by my god, I carry it out without hesitation. I’ve been ordered to go after other races as well. I am simply an enforcer of his laws, and not just for the race over which I rule.

Drako: Reminds me of Andreas.

Vladimir: I’m similar to him in that regard. However, he’s the general. He out ranks me. But you’ll find in his next story that I’ve helped him on some of his tougher and less favorable assignments.

Drako: Getting ahead there.

Vladimir: My apologies.

That was actually sincere. By the way, I should mention, being around this guy is a special kind of thrill. He towers over you and no matter what he wears you see those broad shoulders and those muscles. He’s dark haired and from a distance you might think brown eyed. Up close, they’re actually red, but I think they change color. He’s the type that oozes predator and raw sexual energy. Don’t know how or why his mate resisted him for so long.

Drako: Nice to know we’ll see you more often.

Vladimir: You’ll see everyone you’ve met so far again in Andreas’ next story. He’s older than me and his life as been a bit more difficult. He’s the eldest of Jarel’s children and the general of his forces. He’s more powerful than has been let on and has done a lot for Jarel, a great deal of which he didn’t agree with but he’s nothing if not loyal. Jarel is a god you don’t want to piss off in any way, and when you do, Andreas is who you might end up answering to. Frankly, if you were to piss him off, you’d better pray that he sends anyone else. A focused and alert Andreas is a dangerous one.

Drako: So, you’re saying he could take you in a fight.

Vladimir: *shows a bit of fang in a smile* I’m saying I wouldn’t want to get on his bad side. His first story showed you only a taste of what he can do. When he truly let’s loose, there aren’t many that can stop him.
Drako: You’re pretty lethal yourself, when you get serious.
Vladimir: Glad you noticed. Just remember that I’m also the sexiest thing you’ll ever meet. I can kill someone and make them swoon as I’m doing it.
Drako: I’m going to assume that’s a joke.
Vladimir: You shouldn’t. Face it, I’m gorgeous.
Drako: You’re a flirt, and your mate won’t appreciate it. Neither will I if it gets me vaporized.
Vladimir: *laughs* I think I’d catch it first. Plus side is, I’d have to be resurrected.
Drako: Yeah well, the rest of us are human and don’t have soul mates with an in with the gods. Go away, flirty.
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    Yea, that’s a good story.. Enjoyed that !!

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