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Updates: Signed a contract, more on the books

Ok, haven’t done this in a while. Big news. I signed a contract with Linkville Press. Just sent it in the mail. Pretty sure they’ll have it in a few days. They took on my Journeys series, which I’m more excited about now that I’ve figured out how to make it work. The first book, Shadows of the Past, is going through heavy edits to add to the story where I need to. And this is all before they get hold of it. I’m excited. I’ll let you know more about a release date when I know more.

That brings me to the original series, the Dragon Hunters, and the next book, Blood Monarch. I’m in love with this book because Vlad is a very different character. He’s the vampire enforcer, one of the first three created, and is easily the most sexual and flirtatious character I’ve written. I’m hoping he comes across that way. Pairing him with his mate is a really fun way to torture us all. There’s the added fun of Anaya and Galen. Making an angel get to the down and dirty has been entirely too entertaining.

I have a joint project in the works as well, another vampire story, totally different from those in the Dragon Hunters. I have to start that off to build up the history in the prologue, then my partner starts and we’ll see what it goes. Can’t wait to really get into that. I think that’ll be a great project for us.

Lastly, I have another series to start, which is tentatively titled the Coven. It’s going to focus on a particular coven of witches and instead of having the large roster of protagonists that the Dragon Hunters has, the whole series will focus on that Coven and their battles in the supernatural world, as well as their oh so fun love lives. It’s another mixed series. Two of the three in the coven are husband and wife, the third and leader is about to get a nice jump start in his love life. That’ll be some kind of interesting for me to get into. A series totally focused on three or four main characters the whole way. I’m still deciding on some aspects but I want it to be a different world from the Dragon Hunters. I’m creating a pantheon of gods for these witches to interact with but the story is most definitely theirs.

That’s about it on updates for now. Time to get to work on all these books. Can’t wait to really get time to get to work.

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