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Revenge of Lancelot by Sarah Luddington


Synopsis: “So much has changed for me. I cannot believe I am the same man who began this journey a lifetime ago. It all started when I fell for Guinevere’s charms only to know it was Arthur I wanted and now—together at last—we will conquer our most deadly enemy. We have to conquer him because I have far too much to lose… Far too much.” 

Lancelot and those who travel with him must find the god Balar and defeat him. They have won against Mordred but at a terrible cost, both Arthur and Tancred are badly wounded. Morgana also has a secret that will be used by their enemies to subvert her husband and all their plans. 

There are so many questions left to be answered. Will Lancelot save Rhea and Raton? Will Tancred and Arthur ever find the love they both crave? Will Lancelot finally be able to hang Caliburn over his hearth and know they have found peace at last inside the land that is Albion? 

The tempestuous and passionate lives of the Royal houses and their friends continue to throw up new twists and turns right to very last page.


Review: Finally, the final installment of Lancelot’s story. and the author doesn’t fail to continue the roller coaster ride until the end. There’s some resolution to the Arthur/Lancelot/Tancred story. While a bit hot, still not the resolution I’d hoped for (I still love Tancred more than any other character). Rhea and Raton come into their own, with Raton finally becoming who he really was all along. It’s finally time for Balar to go down and of course, there has to be a bit of a lead in to the next series, continuing the story with Morgana and Lancelot’s child, as well as Arthur’s son. Nothing in Lancelot’s life is ever easy, and we get reappearances from the Lady who is still the ice cold bitch of the world but somehow insanely powerful. I”m beginning to wonder if she’s more than what she seems, she’s just that powerful. But in the end, we have something of a happier ending, but the author never seems to do a simple happily ever after. Now I wait for the next series and I sincerely hope their sons’ have an easier time of it than they do

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