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Passion of Lancelot by Sarah Luddington

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Synopsis: “I am home. I still find it hard to believe. I am home and I have hope. I know the gods are waiting, I know I have to stop the evil trying to steal my peace, but for now – for now I just want to rebuild my family. With luck they will allow me that at least.”

Lancelot might be home but all is not well. His betrayal of Tancred has driven a permanent chasm between the men – one which might never allow them to be happy. For months Lancelot lives with a strange emotional hiatus until he and Arthur are attacked and they are once more faced with their true passions and destiny.

Epona, the goddess who has chosen Lancelot as her champion, finally decides he has taken enough time to himself and he must act to save Albion and Taranis from her son. Lancelot however isn’t convinced after what he sacrificed the last time he tangled with Balar. She ensures he has little choice and forces him to pursue her agenda. With a small cohort of companions Lancelot must face the largest army ever raised in Albion and defeat the son Morgana and Arthur created.

Their journey north is a harsh quest for the royal house of Albion but they draw together, forging new bonds which will bind them forever – making them a weapon able to face their final great threat.


Review: I could not wait to get into this book. Took longer than I’d prefer but I got to it. Of course, it opens up with more heartbreak for me, because I really wanted Lancelot to end up with Tancred. I love that wolf shifter, but Lancelot messed that up. The attack on Arthur reunites him with his original and perhaps greatest love, but it’ never an easy road for them. An attack on Arthur is a prelude to the return of Mordred. With a god backing him, it’s not going to be easy, but when is Lancelot’s life ever easy? We get to know more about Morgana finally, and her eventual acceptance of  Lancelot. Like all her other stories, there are a lot of highs and lows and points where you get utterly frustrated with certain characters, mainly Tancred for me because I want him to be happy and I wanted him with Lancelot. But that wasn’t really meant to be and we get a return to the original story with the final battle of Arthur vs Mordred. Couldn’t wait to get to the final book

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