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Character Interview: Merlin

I don’t know about you, but Merlin is a mystery I want to solve. There are so many stories involving this man, I thought it’d be a good time to sit down and talk with him. Maybe he’ll shed some light on himself for all of you too.

Me: So, I have to say, you’re one of my favorite historical figures of all time. There’s a lot of different stories about you.

Merlin: *chuckles* Yes, there are many tales, some based on truth, some completely false. Things are often changed throughout the course of history.

Me: Well, I don’t want to be rude, but let’s start with the obvious. The biggest mystery is perhaps how you were born and what race you’re descended from.

Merlin: That is a good one. If you must be technical about it, I suppose I am half Fae, and half human. I’m something of an experiment, I’m told. Hecate meddled a bit to have me conceived.

Me: That’s a bit odd. Did she have a particular goal.

Merlin: But of course she did. What that is, I’ll probably never know, but Hecate always has a goal with whatever she does. But I was raised mostly in the mortal world. My father was one of the Fae, and a very powerful one. He could not remain with my mother for reasons that have never made much sense. The laws the Fae have imposed are strange and often times petty.

Me: Wait a sec, I thought the angels made the laws for the Fae.

Merlin: Definitely not. In the beginning, they did. But their orders from the goddess Verlaine were to let the race thrive on their own. This is why the angels live separately from the Fae now. Different laws govern the races.

Me: You’re very familiar with that side of you.

Merlin: Yes, I’m quite familiar with them. I spent my formative mortal years with my mother, but my father most certainly paid visits when possible and eventually, I was brought to the land of the Fae. Most specifically to the aisle of Avalon.

Me: The place where King Arthur was said to be sent to rest after the battle with Mordred. Any truth to that?

Merlin: The stories they tell of Arthur are always so very interesting. No, he was not sent to Avalon. He died in that battle. He defeated Mordred but sustained wounds that were to great to be healed. In reality, it was simply the man’s time. And with him came the fall of Camelot.

Me: I’m pretty sure the story says that you took Excalibur and threw it into the lake, giving it back to the Lady of the Lake.

Merlin: *chuckles again* Yes, one of the many names for Hecate. The goddess comes to us in many forms. There was a lake she took to communicate with Druids back in the old days. That was the name the Druids gave her. And Excalibur was her sword, one she had crafted by Hephaestus and blessed with some of her own power. I imagine she still has it. She’s probably waiting to give it to someone new, her next Chosen.

Me: I got the feeling there would be more. So how did she come to choose you?

Merlin: Well, it’s her meddling that brought about my birth in the first place. I was Chosen from the start, and my parents knew it. But we noticed a problem early on in that I could not use my Fae powers in the mortal realm. It was Hecate that decided I was to be a witch and personally taught me to use my powers. My actions have generally been guided by her. Some things are simply fate and could not be avoided, such as Arthur’s death.

Me: So, how well do you get along with Jarel? Seems like he’s a tough one for most people, at best, to tolerate.

Merlin: I get along with him quite well. After all, he’s the oldest of the gods, the most dangerous of them, and never a god to have upset at you. Besides, he doesn’t really hate my kind, whether you refer to me as witch, Fae, human, or hybrid. He just hates the angels.

Me: How do you get along with the angels?

Merlin: Some I get along well with, others I’ve had a skirmish or two with.

Me: I’ve been wondering how well a Fae matches up to an angel.

Merlin: If they don’t fear they angel, they can match up just fine. It is the fear with which Fae are raised that prompts them to fear the angels. They can be defeated, the same as any other foe.

Me: So, how was the training of Vax? We didn’t get to see much of it. Are you done training him?

Merlin: We’ve gone through the basics and he’s handy at wielding Mjolnir. His confidence is building, and confidence is everything in the Craft. I’m not sure I like his mate’s influence…..

Me: Whoa, no one knows who his mate is yet. I haven’t put that story out.

Merlin: *laughs* My apologies. I suppose that’s a story for our next interview. Next time you should bring along some fan questions. I thoroughly enjoyed when the eldest Dragon was hit with those odd ball questions. It is enchanting to see him flustered.

Me: I’ll keep that in mind for next time. Where are you off to?

Merlin: I think I’ll go home and take a good long nap. I’m not a young man you know, and sleep is always beneficial at my age.

Me: What is your age?

Merlin: *laughs again* Oh my, we’re suddenly out of time, aren’t we?

Crafty old witch, isn’t he? I’ll get him next time



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