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Character interview: Demun

So apparently Demun has some issues with some misconceptions and has demanded a solo interview. Well, he’s the Demon God King, so who am I to argue with him?

Me: So, what’s going on? Shouldn’t you be happily enjoying marriage and parenthood?

Demun: Say that again and I’ll shank you.

Drako: Oh that’s really friendly.

Vic: Welcome to my life kid. We have the absolute oddest marriage ever. I think he’s a bit too much like his grandfather.

Jarel: Don’t you dare put that on me. That’s his grandmother’s side of him.

Demun: How about both of you go away? This is my interview time.

Vic: Someone should turn you over their knee. Sounds like an idea.

Jarel: That’s gross and I’m so out of here on that one.

Can’t help but shake my head and chuckle here. The primordial god of black fire is grossed out by playful sex talk. But it is his grandson involved. I guess we can forgive him.

Demun: Anyway, marriage is great, when the asshole that is my husband is being less of an asshole. As far as parenting, gotta love my daughter but you do know who her mother is, right? Co-parenting with the goddess of war is no picnic.

Me: So, what’s up with the interview? You kind of demanded it, you know?

Demun: Yeah, I tend to do that. So here’s the deal. You ever watch anime or science fiction stuff and notice how they depict demons? That kind of pisses me off.

Me: Gonna have to be more specific here guy.

Demun: Ok, you were watching one the other day, something about some brat being the son of Lucifer….

Me: Technically they said Satan.

Demun: Who the hell cares? It’s the same jackass under different names. I use his actual name. Point is, I hate how demons are depicted. There’s a lot of misconceptions and I think those should be cleared up.

Me: In our defense, you’ve only shown us one demon that wasn’t crazed and very shortly after butchered by you or your family.

Demun: Don’t get me wrong. Demons are a violent, fickle race. But, all demons aren’t evil. Look at Krazas, my general. He’s more of a benefit to mankind.

Me: There’s also that myth that demons are descended from fallen angels.

Demun: Yeah, that bullshit. Look, fact is, demons are descended from Desdemona and Lucifer. Lucifer is the son of Erebus and Nyx, darkness and night. Desdemona is the daughter of Verlaine, creator of the angels and the Fae. But demons aren’t descended from the Fae. Only connection they have is misguided hatred due to Desdemona being the dumb bitch she was and helping Lucifer kill her mother.

Me: That’s slightly confusing.

Demun: Not my fault if you can’t keep up. Fact is, angels and demons aren’t actually related. They’re creations of different gods with differing beliefs. Fact is, not all angels are beneficial and not all demons are destructive. All creatures have free will. Angels fall a lot more often then they’d like you to believe, and demons have been known to actually help humanity. I’ll even let you in on a secret. A lot of the ancient pantheons of gods that man worshiped weren’t gods at all. They were demons that worked to benefit man.

Me: Those demons weren’t accused of hubris?

Demun: They weren’t telling anyone they were greater than other gods. Zeus didn’t give a damn. It didn’t interfere with his rule of the universe and they weren’t attempting to rise against him. If they had, he’d have wiped them out.

Me: So these gods exist still?

Demun: Some of them. Some of them I took out. They liked my grandmother better. I liked setting them on fire.

Me: Harsh.

Demun: Takes a harsh kind of god to keep demons in line.

Me: Have you made any changes to laws since you took over?

Demun: Oh yeah, I sealed Shevat off. Demons can’t get out without going through specific portals, and my armies control those. a lot of demons have gotten slaughtered lately. Some of those stories you hear about demons are true, and I’m attempting to contain those particular demons. They can wreak all the havoc they want in Shevat, but when they try to cross to the mortal world, they get to find out why I’m the God King and they have to do what I say.

Me: Alright, so let’s be frank. When are you showing up in the books again? I haven’t seen you yet in Blood Monarch.

Demun: I don’t like the Fae and I’ve already discovered that I tend to have misunderstandings with certain angels. Didn’t really want to be around for all that. Besides, I love my twin with all my heart and soul, but we’re two separate gods with separate responsibilities. You’ll see more of me though. Don’t you have to continue my uncles’ story?

Me: Yep, that’s the next one.

Demun: Yeah me and Vic will be all through that story. I love my two uncles so with all that they go through, I had to come around. A lot. Seriously, that was one hell of a situation. I’d rather go toe to toe with Typhon again than to have to go through anything like that. Speaking of which, where the hell is Vic?

Vic: Oh now you want me around? This was your interview, remember?

Demun: No one likes a smart ass.

Vic: What do you want?

Demun: Got any secrets I need to know about? You know, ones that might make my life complicated later?

Vic: Really? You’re just going to put me on the spot in the middle of an interview?

Oh this is just perfect. I’m just sitting back watching them argue. These two are great. You’d think they’ve been together for 50 years or so. Soul mates are so interesting to watch in person.

Demun: Oh, now you want to be shy? It’s a simple question.

Vic: The hell it is. That’s complex and you’re a jerk for asking me in front of guests.

Me: I kind of resent being called a guest. I’m the guy writing your stories. Sharing them with the world. Kind of a douchebag comment.

Demun: See, this is why I like you, Drako. You freely call Vic out when he’s a douchebag. And he’s almost always a douchebag.

Vic: Oh and you’re just the resident god of kindness and love and happiness? Dude, I live with you. You actually hurl fireballs at people if you feel your sleep is interrupted. Then you killed one of the demon kings because he gave you a weird look.

Demun: He was trying to figure out the best way to attack me. I read it in his mind. So I struck first. He’s in Tartarus, I’m still on my throne, everything is all good.

Vic: Then there’s the nanny Athena had to help with your daughter.

Demun: Oh, I know you’re not going there with me. You thought Vax was making a move on your brat and tried to shoot him.

Vic: I didn’t really try or I wouldn’t have missed.

See what I mean? It’s probably best to let them just keep going and quietly sneak out of the room. Anyway, got a little insight on demons here. Pretty sure we’ll get to know them better all too soon.

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