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So, I haven’t had a lot of time to post anything lately. Unfortunately, I’m too wrapped up in school as I approach getting my first degree in psychology. Classes and my day job are taking an awful lot of my time. I’ve gotten some writing done here and there, and some reading, but sometimes I’m just too tired to actually post reviews.

So, on to the updates, there will be three reviews being posted sometime over the next couple of days. I’m still not going to take on too many requests because it’s just me doing the reviews and as I said, I’m finding it difficult to find time to do them all. Those waiting on a review from me, be patient, I’ll get to you shortly. At some point I hope to find a few more people just to do reviews on the blog. (If interested, shoot me an email and we’ll talk it over)

Now onto the good part, writing. I have a fair amount done on Blood Monarch. Whenever I finally find some free time, I’m really going to put some extra work on it. Vlad’s story is probably the most fun to tell because he’s more of a sexual and seductive character. He’s totally fun to write.

Next, Andreas has another book, tentatively called the Dragon’s Secrets. That may change but many people want more of him and there’s plenty more to tell. Andreas has been alive a long time and done a lot of things, so small spoiler, it’s going to come back and bite him in the ass. Hard. I’m not having fun with that because he’s going to take me on an emotional roller coaster. Poor Kazarian.

That’s it for now. Hope to get these reviews up soon, and maybe a character interview. Depends on which character folks would like to ask some questions of.

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