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The Courage to Love (Brothers in Arms, Book One) by Samantha Kane

Description: Kate Collier is still recovering from a vicious rape and trying to make a success of her dress shop when Jason Randal and Anthony Richards return to London from the Continent, intent on winning her. She’s known them for years, ever since they served with her late husband in the Peninsula against Napoleon. She’d been in love with them for almost that long. To discover they feel the same is a shock, but Kate isn’t ready to turn her life back over to a man, or men.Jason and Tony prove hard to resist, however, especially when their close friendship blossoms into desire for each other as they make Kate’s body burn with passion. The combination of their insatiable desire for her and their journey into a sexual relationship with one another is irresistible to Kate.A nightmare from her past tries to keep them apart, but the three long for a life together in spite of society’s censure, and they will not be denied.Reader advisory: Contains male/male sex scenes.

Review: This was interesting. Clearly set back in older England when there was a more defined high society, this relationship is clearly a bit of a taboo. That makes it all the more interesting to me. First we have Kate, who’s been a victim and is trying to take charge of her life. Then there’s Jason and Tony, two soldiers who’ve drawn closer together due to surviving the harsh conditions of war together. The story is clear.Jason and Tony both love Kate and want to marry her, but not in a conventional sense. They want to share her, and not in a selfish sense. It’s a little hard for the average person to comprehend, I suppose, but these two men are bisexual, even though they hadn’t truly admitted it. Add to this complex story the fact that Kate is shunned from high society because the man responsible for her rape, which was quite brutal, is in high society and of course makes it seem like she’s nothing more than a common whore, and there’s a roller coaster ride of emotion here. My only question throughout the steamier scenes is if people really talked this way during that time period. I expect vulgar language, I’m just curious as to if it’s appropriate vulgar language for the time period. Otherwise, it’s a great story and I’d love to read the rest of the series.

Buy Link: http://www.amazon.com/Courage-Love-Brothers-Arms-Book-ebook/dp/B003370JGC/ref=wp_bs_1_B00CJ3UYES_kindle_edition

Goodreads link: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/2238248.The_Courage_to_Love?ac=1

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