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Deep Six by Ian Thomas Healy




When criminals are convicted, they go to jail. When they have parahuman abilities, they go to Deep Six, the most secure prison facility in the world. Six thousand feet underground, nobody has ever escaped from the maximum security facility.

Until now.

A parahuman terrorist called Misrule engineers a mass breakout, and it falls to a pair of prison guards to stop the world’s most dangerous criminals from reaching freedom, and Just Cause won’t be able to help them. Despite being overmatched and underpowered, the two guards must find a way to prevent the escapees from their ultimate goal.


Review: Took me a while to get to this but once I did I couldn’t put it down. We open the book with Katie, a corrections officer being reassigned to Deep Six. She’s a parahuman as well, though not a very powerful one in her own estimation. Foster is the officer assigned to help her adjust to the area. There’s clearly a spark between them  but Katie has just gotten out of a bad marriage with a corrections officer and is determined never to date another one.

Misrule is a complex character. He’s self healing and virtually indestructible. His skin is excessively difficult to pierce and he shoots energy bolts from his hands. He’s a walking force of destruction who has done battle with the most famous parahumans for the sole reason of enjoying the control he has over others. He’s into everything illegal and is well educated. He’s ruthless and manipulative and honestly kind of interesting.

The story is action packed and I especially enjoy the underdog officers managing to take out a large portion of a criminal organization during the prison break. The fight scenes were detailed and just right for me, at least. The story was interesting and I would love to read more of the story.

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