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Release Day Q&A: Brandon and Demun

Pretty sure several people are waiting to hear from the twins. The latest book is their book, finally.


Drako: So, we’ve been waiting for five books for you two to get things together. What took so long?
Brandon: You sure don’t start off with easy questions.
Demun: I was underage in the first book you know.
Brandon: And I was with Adonis by the end of it. That’s who I thought I was meant for.

Drako: It became a bit obvious by the end of the second book who you were meant for.
Brandon: No one said getting with your soul mate had to be easy.
Demun: Damn right they didn’t.


Drako: Where are your mates now?
Brandon: Can we answer that without spoiling the book?
Demun: Don’t think it’ll be too much of a problem.
Brandon: Mine is out hunting.
Demun: No fucking clue what mine is up to.


Drako: Ok, lets tread into safer waters. How are the kids?
Brandon: Working on controlling their powers. They are the new Fates after all.
Demun: Athena tends to keep our daughter more often these days. She’s not ready for her to be in Shevat with me for extended periods of time. I have to visit her on Olympus.


Drako: How’s godhood treating you?
Brandon: About the same as life in general treated us before. Just when we think life is grand, it kicks us in the balls.
Demun: That about sums it up.


Drako: I’m surprised we didn’t see your eldest uncle a bit more in this story.
Brandon: He wasn’t able to be around much. We still see him often.
Demun: For an ancient Spartan warrior, he’s fun to be around. He’s a bit too competitive on videogames.


Drako: Yeah, been meaning to ask, what’s up with that?
Brandon: Guy has to kill time somehow. Xbox live sessions are the most amusing things you will ever hear.
Demun: He comes up with really creative names, normally in ancient Greek, to call us when we’re beating him.


Drako: Who else is in on those?
Brandon: Ares, Heracles, some of my knights, some of Demun’s warriors, more of our uncles, couple of our aunts.
Demun: Surprisingly not Victoria though.

Drako: What’s next for our twins? Surely you have more stories to tell?
Brandon: Our children will have a story to tell down the road.
Demun: And there are a lot of things we have to do too. We’ll be around, but it’ll be someone else’s story. The main goal of our story was to get with our soul mates.


Drako: Glad you got around to it. You gave me hell writing this book.
Brandon: Wasn’t intentional.
Demun: Definitely wasn’t. But at least you’re done.
Brandon: Yeah, now you get to deal with Anaya and Galen.
Drako: Great *sarcasm*

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