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Release Day Q & A: Victoria and Ares

Second Q&A for today is the second couple introduced, and one fans always want to know more about. Got a little help from Drache on this one


Drache: Victoria, it’s obvious you can be one of the guys. What do you do when you’re not fighting to save the universe and raising Dragana?

Victoria: I’m never resting, if that’s what you’re getting at. I’m in the service of both of my parents. Vacations are for humans, apparently.

Drako: I did notice you got no break after giving birth.

Victoria: I wasn’t going to let my nephew suffer.

Ares: Frankly, I wasn’t able to hold her back at all. I would have liked for her to slow down.
Drache: Ares, based on how I picture you when I’m reading, I totally see you in full-on biker gear riding a motorcycle into battle. Are you a fan of motorcycles at all?

Ares: Sure, the Harleys. I don’t like those slim things, what are they called?

Victoria: Ninjas or something like that.

Ares: Yeah those. I hate those. I like people to know when the god of war is arriving. But they’re not practical for heavenly wars. So the chariot always does the trick.

Drache: Victoria, how often do you have to beat up Ares to keep him in line?

Victoria: Now you just make me sound abusive.

Ares: If the shoe fits….

Victoria: I am not abusive. How does one abuse the god of war?

Ares: Marriage gives you a lot of rights, woman.

Victoria: I totally don’t have to take this.

Ares: Proving my point.


Drako: Ok, big question, are you getting another book?

Victoria: *shrugs* Do I really have that much more to tell?

Ares: You’re the most powerful witch in existence, the Dragon Witch, only daughter of Jarel and Hecate. You have plenty more to tell.

Victoria: What do you know?

Ares: Hi, god of war here. I can pretty much learn anything I need to know. I’m a god, residing on Olympus, and the son of Zeus and Hera. You’ve got a few old enemies….

Victoria: Shut it. I was trying to leave some kind of suspense here.

Ares: That defeats the purpose of a Q&A, wife.

Victoria: Bite me.


Drako: Last question. Where’s Dragana?

Victoria: Zeus and Hera are babysitting. Who’d have thought they’re just like human grandparents?

Ares: Yeah, they’re soft on the grandkids. They never get hit with thunderbolts.

Victoria: it’s also the funniest thing ever to watch Zeus scramble behind an infant trying to figure out what she wants. Hilarious. There’s really no other sight like the king of heaven getting distraught over an infant who’s teething.

Ares: She said the same thing about me.

Victoria: Because it was really fucking funny.


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