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Release Day Character Q&A: Andreas and Kazarian

To celebrate my latest release, Reliniquished Mercy, I decided to ask some questions of some of the character favorites. First up, the first couple from the very first book, Andreas and Kazarian. 


Drako: You haven’t been seen much since Victoria’s story. Just a few times here and there. Where have you two been?


Andreas: Im general in my father’s army. My job was to gather and organize. There were a lot of battles against Typhon. I led the charge.


Kazarian: I’m Ares’ right hand god. I go where he tells me.


Drako: So, you haven’t seen much of each other?


Andreas: Not as much as I’d like, which is why Ares will have my boot print on his face shortly.


Kazarian: That’s a bit harsh. The war’s over so we have our time now.


Andreas: Don’t care.


Kazarian *sighs*


Drako: What’s next now that the war is over?


Andreas: Enjoying retirement again. There’ll be lots of videogames in my future.


Kazarian: And spending time with me.


Andreas: Yeah, when Ares isn’t being a dick.


Kazarian: Takes one to know one.


Drako: There’s a rumor that you may get another book. Any truth to that?


Andreas: There’s always more to the story. I’d say it’s likely.


Kazarian: Highly likely.


Drako: Any hints for the readers?


Andreas: I’ll be apologizing a lot.


Kazarian: Damn right you will.


Drako: Sounds like trouble in paradise.


Andreas: That’s an understatement. I’ve been around a long time. I’ve done my fair share of dirt. It always comes back on me one way or another.


Kazarian: There’s always a threat around the corner. no more godly wars, but there are other problems.


Andreas: I think there are other stories to be told before ours though.


Kazarian: Now, we’d better go enjoy some time to ourselves while I don’t have a desire to rip his head off.


Drako: Ouch

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