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Winter’s Island Blog Tour Stop: Theme/Rant by Lillian MacKenzie Rhine

Today we welcome Lillian MacKenzie Rhine on her blog tour for her vampire romance titled Winter’s Island. She will be chatting about the importance of opening yourself as a person, reader, and/or writer here at Drako’s Den.


It is important for me to not only write with an open mind, but I live my life in a non-judgmental and understanding manner. I believe the important thing to know is when you close your mind to things, you close off new experiences, new opportunities, and sometimes new people. I try to strive to live my life to the fullest; and if I cannot receive others as who they are and how they come, then I will not achieve my ultimate goals.


I chose this topic to discuss not only because it is part of my tagline as an author, but my stories include characters who have to push through adversities of being judged and misunderstood. In Winter’s Island, a lot of my readers tend to relate to the villains because the come off as the most realistic due to the trials and tribulations they face. I post the question, can a villain who is bloodthirsty and selfish be capable of loving someone unconditionally? The answer to that is almost up to interpretation but I would think they are capable of having feelings and emotions which will be noticed if you open your mind to their situation and personal angst.


The same notion should apply to being a writer. You never know what you can relate to unless you give a try. One of my reviews I have received for Winter’s Island says, “The characters are all relatable, and yet some are supernatural…” meaning that even with supernatural/paranormal features, a character can still be a relatable person. Being that I am writer of mainly paranormal and fantasy, I found that a lot of my previous supporters who helped me with my first steps of my personal writing journey decided to not continue the support due to my genre. In my opinion, we all write in the same genre. The genre of creating plots, characters, titles, themes and their finished products, so why not support all. Open yourself to learning something new, you will not believe how much you can learn and the people you can connect with.


I personally read my first m/m romance a few months back by a talented author name Cat Grant, and I absolutely loved it and related to the story of being in love with someone who was not comfortable enough to love back properly. If I closed myself off, then I would have missed out on a wonderful read and a great writer.


We do live in a region that is high on moral and social values, but we as creators of artistic literature are role models for our readers. Some readers seek a relatable piece while others are looking for something outside of their mundane box; we as writers should show our readers that we can practice what we preach.


Like my author bio states…


…Remember, always keep an open mind and it will expand all horizons…


That was a great breakdown on how keeping your mind open can make just about anything happen. Please enjoy an action filled teaser of Winter’s Island.


Clearing her throat she squeezed out, “Hi Jeremiah. Nice to see you again. Eh, its a nice night huh? Are you enjoying the festival?” She was having a difficult time finding her words considering the warnings from William were starting to do exactly what she did not want, cloud her judgments.

“It is nothing new to me. Living in Charlotte Amalie has presented me with a lot of fresh new faces many of days. So I tend to not pay much attention to these little parties. But being in the presence of your elegance has made me find a new appreciation in the trivial festivities of life.” Every time he spoke, his words were so eloquently chosen that it was music to her ears. So far, Jeremiah was a welcome face versus the one she should run away from like a nightmare.

“That is a very nice compliment. Thank you. Where is your assistant tonight? Did she not want to come?” Cay wondered since they seemed to be attached at the hip. “I am sure she is around sniffing at potential morsels to sink her teeth into,” he said lickng his lips.

Cay turned toward the festival grounds feeling as if the walls were closing in on her. “Um, yes. William left a few minutes ago to get us some food. He should be back soon.” Jeremiah ran a lone finger up her exposed spine making her cringe. “So you are aware that William is my little brother then? Yes he saddens me. Let us not speak on him please,” he said brushing his palm on her wavy hair. Facing him, ignoring his odd petting of her body, she met his popping pools of onyx that ignited a fire in her pit.

“Why does William upset you so much?” She whispered slowly. Jeremiah stood close enough to Cay that her nipples drew to his chest like magnets. Brushing a lock behind her ear, he touched his lips across her lobe. “William is not the right match for you Cay.” He kissed her neck.

“Oh no? He isn’t the right match?” She spoke on breathy tones. Cay felt so gone in her movements. So turned on to the point she could not retreat. Whatever Jeremiah was giving, she was buying. She could feel his wet kisses on her shoulder and collarbone; but, she was stuck in an abyss, not being able to find her way out. “Tell me Jeremiah.” She pulled his hips closer, grinding her aching heat against his firmness. “Tell me please.” Tiny pinpoints grazed her skin causing Cay to cry out from the cascade of fluids escaping her inner folds. “Mmm,” she heard come from his mouth.

“What the fuck are you doing! Get the hell away from her!” Cay heard the familiar voice but her attention was elsewhere. Popping out of her dream, hitting the hard mound of sand, Cay gasped for oxygen, rubbing the blurry sting from her eyes.

“Why so angry brother? We were just discussing you,” Jeremiah curled his lips into a sinister grin.

“Jeremiah! I warned you to stay away from her!” William snarled.

Cay still woozy struggled to stand. “What is going on? William why are you shouting? Jeremiah and I were talking about the party.” Confusion mixed with nausea made her drop to her knees.

“Stay out of this Cay!” William shouted.

Jeremiah let out a rumble of laughter. He offered his hand to Cay, “Oh brother do not be so insensitive to such a lovely lady. Are you okay dear? Come, let me help you.” Before she could receive the help being offer, William shoved Jeremiah so hard, he stepped back a few yards.

“I am going to fuck you up for that mistake,” Jeremiah snarled. William took flight from the force of Jeremiah’s blow, falling to the ground. Cay gasped, but she could not move. She was so fatigued, confused as to why. Sitting back on her haunches, she felt someone loop her arm over their shoulder. Cay slowly glided away from the scene of the two men ripping each other apart. After closing her eyes for a bit, her fog started to lift. Cool water splashed on her brow. Somehow she had made it to the building housing the restrooms. Her wits were still off but she saw her savior.


To find out what happened with this scene and the rest of the 5-star read, click on the Amazon links below. To catch up on her other works, check out her blog and Facebook page.


Thank you for sharing today Lilly Mac.


AMAZON (US):  http://www.amazon.com/Winters-Island-ebook/dp/B00EWAZECS/ref=sr_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1379128416&sr=1-2


AMAZON (UK):  http://www.amazon.co.uk/Winters-Island-ebook/dp/B00EWAZECS/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1379214144&sr=8-2&keywords=lillian+mackenzie+rhine


GOODREADS:  http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18485178-winter-s-island


BLOG:  http://lillianmackenzierhine.com


FACEBOOK:  http://facebook.com/LillianMacKenzieRhine


TWITTER:  www.twitter.com/LillyMacRhine

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