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In Apple Blossom Time by Robert Wack

Synopsis: In Apple Blossom Time is a story about love, regrets, destiny and redemption, based on the true life and research of Dr. Willem Jacob van Stockum. Dr. van Stockum, a brilliant University of Maryland mathematics professor, becomes frustrated with American indifference about the war in Europe before Pearl Harbor, and abandons his promising academic career to become a bomber pilot in the British Royal Air Force. While flying a mission in support of the D-Day invasion of Europe, his plane is shot down behind the lines over Normandy and he is rescued by stranded American paratroopers. While they fight for survival in the French countryside, they meet up with ruthless French Resistance fighters and two strangers who are not what they appear to be. Willem’s pioneering academic work on time travel and Einstein’s Theory of Relativity pose intriguing “what if?” questions compelling him to face the implications of his work and the consequences of choices in a universe of infinite possibilities.

Recently, I’ve had trouble trying to find the right words to say regarding my reviews but I’m going to try my best. With this particular one, I had a love/not-so-much-love relationship with this particular one. Mostly because of my attention span, but that’s not relevant and this one’s going to be extremely short. If you’re into accurately researched historical fiction, I would suggest this to you: well-written, detailed and authentic. Personally, I do take time to learn about the events of WWII and I like authors who can bring out my desire to learn more about them. Since this was centered around theories of time travel, I’d like to see a series based on multiple possibilities from this author, with different results.

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