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Adopted Son by Dominic Peloso

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Book Description: 

What would you do…
…if it were your child?

The invasion has begun.
An invasion not from the stars but from within our wombs. All over the world children are being born…different. Their features are alien, their DNA isn’t human, their loyalties are unknown. As scientists, spies, and regular citizens race to make sense of this new disease they find themselves asking the same question: Is this the first wave of an alien assault on Earth?

Novelist and bioterrorism expert Dominic Peloso weaves a complex tale of alien invasion, environmental catastrophe, and societal upheaval, in a world not too removed from our own. Adopted Son perfectly blends hard sci-fi with biting political and social commentary to create a truly modern literary masterpiece that transcends genres.



Ok, I was a little skeptical taking this one on. Alien babies. I wasn’t sure if i could get into it. Thankfully, I was wrong.

There are many characters involved in this book. The obvious problem, children being born that don’t actually look human. They look like aliens. At first, it’s assumed to be a genetic deformity. As the years go by and government secrets are revealed, it’s discovered that these alien babies are truly a result of an alien biological attack on the reproductive organs of humanity. We see the stories of several people, and some important issues are tackled. As usual, man fears what it does not understand. So the racism that had previously been about skin color turns to something darker. Humanity turns on their children, assuming these innocent beings are not so innocent. Some, of course, keep their paternal instincts. But it takes decades of work for the children to truly be accepted. And in those decades, heroes and monsters were formed within this new race. While one young alien takes the rejection from society and spearheads a new civil rights movement, another becomes a terrorist, a cult leader bent on vengeance . Eventually, their worlds come together and so does humanity. But it takes a really long time and a lot of mistakes are made on both sides. By the end of the book, I was left wondering what would really happen in a situation like this. That’s the best part of this for me, it makes you think.


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