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Updates on Writing and Reviews

I’m going to start with reviews. Those of you that went to the review request page and actually read noticed that review requests are closed for a while. This is because there are only two people doing reviews at this time and we have to play catchup with the overload of reviews sitting in my email. Anyone who hasn’t heard back yet, it’s because I have to get to you. When I have the time to review your work, or think I will, i will respond to your email requesting the copy I need.


In other reading related news, I have two authors to host on the blog this month as they make stops on a tour. First is Vadim Babenko, author of the scifi book Semmant. Next is  Kenneth S. Murray, author of another sci fi book,  The Second Creation. Might have a few more this month but we’ll see when the time comes.


So, on to writing, the good stuff. Relinquished Mercy, book five in the Dragon Hunters series, is complete and going through editing. Hopefully it’ll be released by the end of this month or beginning of next. Be prepared for that emotional roller coaster but I promise it all pays off by the end. For my next projects, i’ll be stepping away from the Dragon Hunters. Don’t worry, I will definitely come back to them. But first, Journeys: Shadows of the Past has to be redone and completed. Then, I’m rewriting a book I wrote in middle school. That one will be my first young adult release. It should be interesting to redo that one now that I’m older and have a bit more experience under my belt. Everything will be written under the Drako name, so it’s kind of important for you readers to recognize the difference and not let younger kids go on a buying spree if they like that one. I so don’t want to be responsible for your child needing to talk in depth about the birds and the bees.


And once all that is done, I have a new author to bring to you after I’m done editing her urban fiction book, titled Secrets, Lies, and Addictions. Its the first in a series for her, and frankly, it’s fascinating. Once it’s edited and the cover is done, she’ll be publishing it and stopping by for an interview.  So, if I have any urban fiction readers an reviewers, I hope you’ll take a look at her book when it’s done.


Alright, I’m done for now. Gotta get back to work.

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