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The Black Parade by Kyoko M.


Blurb: One bullet is all it took to transform eighteen-year-old New Yorker Jordan Amador into the last hope for souls of the dead. However, it also transformed her into a cantankerous asocial waitress with a drinking problem.

Jordan accidentally shot and killed a Seer: a person who can communicate with ghosts, angels, and demons. Worse still, she did so on the eve of her own awakening, making her the last Seer on Earth with no one to guide her. As penance, God gives her two years to help one hundred souls with unfinished business cross over from Earth to the afterlife or she will go to Hell. Just as she approaches the deadline, Jordan finds her hundredth soul: a smart-mouthed poltergeist named Michael whose ability to physically touch things makes him distinct from her usual encounters with the dead. However, the deeper she delves solving his sudden death, the more she realizes something sinister is on the horizon.

With time running short, Jordan stumbles across a plot that may unravel the fragile balance among Heaven, Hell, and Earth. Her life is plunged into chaos as she is hunted by demons that want to use her valuable Seer blood to bring about the end of the world and discovers that these creatures have a frightening connection to her family bloodline. Plus, the budding romance between Jordan and Michael makes it harder for them to let go of each other so he can become part of the eternal black parade.

Review: This is an urban fantasy that we are introduced to. I don’t get to read much of these, but I have to say that the work put into this was incredible and rooted in Christianity, as noted by the appearances of the famed archangels Gabriel, Michael, Uriel, and Raphael. But our story is centered on the Seer Jordan– shouldn’t I explain what a seer is in this story? I definitely believe I should. In Black Parade, a seer is an individual who can see and communicate with the dead. Back on topic, Jordan is a seer with the task of saving 100 souls and helping them cross over to the afterlife within two years or her soul will be forever damned after taking the life of another Seer. Of course, Jordan was unaware of her powers and there’s more to this story than that. Moving on, Jordan has met the 100th soul, a rock musician named Michael who happens to be a poltergeist who can’t remember anything about himself. Jordan, who plays detective, digs deep into Michael’s life and meets the archdemon Belial. Upon Michael and Jordan meeting Gabriel, Michael regains his memory as the famed archangel when Gabriel recognizes him. Of course, with the return of Michael’s memory comes the revelation of a sinister plot: Belilal has stolen the Spear of Longinus. With the capture of the spear comes the demons’ plan to arm themselves with cursed weapons in order to battle the angels and begin another War of Heaven. While there was a slowly-built romance between Jordan and Michael, I enjoyed the fact that it was not the center of the story. The action was well-written and Jordan showed that she was a very tough female protagonist. Luckily, she was a believable character: capable of handling herself in combat but easily bested by those of superior power and skill and conflicted by inner turmoil.

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