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Souvenirs by Keith Chase

In the cold October of 1944, as the American Army struggles to capture the German City of Aachen, Sergeant Richard Grant struggles desperately to keep his six remaining squad members alive.

Every moment of their lives contains a new vision of death and the horror of war. Other squads begin to believe that Grant’s men’s obsession with removing ‘souvenirs’ from dead and captured German soldiers explains their daily survival.

Inexplicably lucky, Grant and his men however, believe the act of collecting a souvenir bestows them another day of survival in battle.

The men suddenly realize their luck may well be borrowed time, payable in full. Their sanity is stretched to the breaking point as their sense of protection withers.

Review: This one will be kind of short. We’re introduced to a group of American soldiers who collect the medals and weapons of KIA German combatants that range from medals, guns, and sometimes parts of their uniform. While their colleagues find them insane for collecting these items, the collectors and others believe that their good fortune of not dying is because of their Nazi Germany memorabilia. Unfortunately, these guys don’t realize that this may be just coincidence, as their luck slowly begins to run out. I legitimately liked the book, but there were times that it was unable to hold my attention. However, since military history interests me to an extent, I allowed myself to push on. I think I’ll have to give this a second and maybe a third read in the future, but I’d really like to know what motivated these men to start collecting German medals and the like. I admire that the author took the time to do his research, which was phenomenal, because it did show in this book. I would recommend this who enjoy reading such books.

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