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Updates: Title change for the Next book, Excerpt

What would make a good title for the next book, which is Demun and Brandon’s book?

OK, so as you see in the poll, I need help naming the next book. This is Brandon and Demun’s book. Time for them to at least try to stop being stupid and get things together. The title I had originally given the book was The Three Fates. That doesn’t apply anymore. I will use that title later, when the Fates grow up and truly take over their role. But I’m sure you’d like to know a little about what’s happening in the book, right? Time for an excerpt.

Excerpt from Chapter Five
Black flames sprang up in front of them and Jarel stepped out of them. The Black Dragon God towered over them both at seven feet tall. He was a beautiful god to behold with light brown skin in a muscular frame covered with markings representing each of his many children. His long black hair hung down his back and shimmering silver eyes gazed down at them.
“Damn it, I thought you were in labor,” he muttered. “I was hoping to get my chance to knock the crap out of Ares while you were delusional from pain.”
“Gee, thanks Father. Way to make me look forward to giving birth,” Victoria replied sarcastically.
“That’s your mother’s job, not mine.” Jarel took a seat at the table. “What am I doing here if not for the joys of punching the god of war in the nuts?”
“Cronus attacked us here today and we’d like to counter attack,” Victoria answered. “We need you and Zeus to lead the charge.”
“So you want to end this heavenly war early?” Jarel studied his daughter. “This will require a large scale attack in a place that can handle the destruction of a final battle of the gods. The clash between me and Typhon is bad enough but if Zeus clashes with Cronus at the same time things will get ugly.”
“If we don’t attack him, he’ll attack us when I go into labor, and he’ll have the larger force.”
Jarel nodded. “And I won’t be here to defend you. I see the problem.”
“There’s more than that,” Demun told him. “We have to contend with at least one of Lucifer’s siblings, Azmodeus.”
Jarel snorted. “If Brandon can’t kill him something is horribly wrong.”
“He’s not exactly a pushover, Gramps.”
Jarel sighed and pointed at the largest seat at the table. Brandon appeared with a startled look on his face but quickly glared at his grandfather.
“Damn it, Gramps, you could have called for me.”
“What do you know about Azmodeus?” Jarel demanded, clearly ignoring his grandson’s irritation.
“He’s Lucifer’s younger brother and recently freed from the prison Lucifer trapped him in,” Brandon answered. “Why?”
“Is he strong enough that you have to kill him yourself or can someone else do the job?”
Brandon looked skeptical. “Someone like Aunt Victoria could handle him just fine. I’m fairly certain most of my knights would need help.”
“What about Galen?” Jarel suggested. “He’s a seasoned warrior and a powerful angel.”
Brandon rolled his eyes. “Do you have any idea the amount of shit I caught when I sent him to Earth to help Hecate’s Chosen free Gaea? Have you ever seen a pissed off Fae?”
“Never cared much for their emotions and I’ve never knocked one up either, so I wouldn’t deal with a tantrum. Just send him.”
“I’ll give him the choice but why am I not doing this myself?” Brandon asked.
“Because I’ll need you when we attack Cronus and Typhon. We’re going to strike before Victoria gives birth.”
“What happens if the battle isn’t done when she goes into labor?” Demun asked.
“I’ll whisk her off to the mortal realm where Gaea will help deliver the child,” Jarel answered.
“I’d feel better if she kept watch over Theo as well while we’re fighting,” Brandon commented.
“She actually likes you, so I’m sure she won’t mind,” Jarel told him. “Besides, Rhea is there with her. She’s being awfully nice these days.”
“Great, now run along and gather the forces,” Victoria ordered.
Jarel blinked in surprise. “Did you just dismiss me as if you’re a goddess and I’m a servant?”
Victoria rolled her eyes. “You’re holding up the food. The servant girl is scared to come near you since you imprisoned her mother. Your grandchild is quite famished and I want an end to the dropkicks to my insides.”
“I hope she gives you as much hell as you’ve given me.” Jarel vanished.
Victoria waved the servant over. “Sweetie, if you don’t bring me my damn steak your mother’s prison will look like paradise compared to what I’ll put you through.”
Demun laughed softly as the girl hastened to obey. Brandon shook his head and went back to his room.

Can’t spoil too much here, but I think I might give a few more excerpts leading into the book’s release. I’ve set myself on a deadline to have the book completely written by September 1st and published by the 15th. So I’d better get to work.

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