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Blogger Book Fair Author Interview: Lillian MacKenzie


Interview Questions:

Tell us a bit about yourself. What kind of books do you write? When did you start? Where are you from etc
I write pretty much all genre. My pen dictates the story. I actually just started writing a year ago. I used to be a beta reader, and my specialty was breaking down an author’s story in ways that exceeded other beta readers. From there my favorite author (who I was a beta reader for) encouraged me to write. I am originally from St. Louis, MO but I reside in Texas soon to be Tennessee.

Most authors also read a lot in addition to their writing. What kind of books to you prefer to read? Who are some of your favorite authors?

I love to read all genres. I just read my first m/m erotica and I love it. Usually I read a lot of fiction and children’s classics (my guilty pleasure). My favorite contemporary author is Nia Forrester who has written women-centered fiction works titled Commitment, Unsuitable Me, and Maybe Never. My favorite classical writer is L. Frank Baum (pseudonym Edith Van Dyne) who is the author of children’s stories Wizard of Oz (I have read all 15 books) and Aunt Jane’s Nieces (I am on book 3).

Tell us about your book.
My book is about the sexual freedom of a woman named Natalya Hart. She does not have a care in the world , loving her life of man hopping. Eventually she finds out there is a paranormal reason as to why she is sex – craved. But the underlying meaning is that people should not be remorseful for the indulgences they take in life. Live and be free, and worry about the other stuff later.

Do you have a favorite character in your book? Do fans gravitate towards one character more than others and why do you think that is?

My favorite character is Queen Nahema, because she is dominant, knows what she wants, and knows how to get it….by any means necessary. In regards to my fans, I tend to ask them their favorite sex scene in the book; and, surprisingly, they tend to choose The Ringer. I believe this choice is made because it is realistic to a lot of women. Who has been surrounded with a not so attractive mate before, and said what the heck, lets get it on?

Do you listen to music when writing? What kind of music would best suit your novels?
Music does inspire me a lot while I am writing. I do not write and listen at the same time, but I do play some songs beforehand to get in the mood. For Memoirs of a Succubus, I listened to a lot of hard alternative music like Nine Inch Nails and Tool, it made me feel dominant like my main character. For my upcoming vampire romance, Winter’s Island, I listened to soca music for the first time; and, it inspired a good portion of the book.

If your book were made into a movie, who would play your characters in your dream cast?

Wow this is a hard one…ha ha ha. Well for Natalya, it would have to be someone who is kind of bitchy, so I would choose Megan Good. For Sinnocent, I would choose Alexander Skarsgard because he is tall and commanding. I would cast Wentworth Miller as The Neighbor and Michael Ealy as The Boyfriend.

If you had a chance to collaborate with any author, indie or mainstream, who would it be and why?
Right now, I have gotten the chance to collaborate with two of my favorite authors. LeTeisha Newton who is a paranormal writer has asked me to join her in the creation of a shifter book. I am also planning out a paranormal piece with Olivia Linden who writes interracial pieces.

What’s next on your agenda?

Write now I am finishing up the last 10,000 words of my vampire romance, Winter’s Island. This piece is about an artist who moves to Saint Thomas, Virgin Islands and falls in love with a man you would not want to bring home to momma. I will write a novella companion piece to Winter’s Island about one of the characters.

Links to the author
Memoirs of a Succubus: http://www.amazon.com/Memoirs-of-a-Succubus-ebook/dp/B00DF4S1YK
My blog: http://lillianmackenzierhine.wordpress.com

“Buy me lunch?” Tomorrow paused. “No, I’m good. You enjoy your busy day.” She disconnected the call tossing her cell into a cup holder filled with cigarette butts and spare change. Stopping at a red light, baking in a hot Los Angeles sun, Tomorrow wondered where in the hell she was driving to in the first place. Her phone shuddered against the plastic cup enclosure.

“This is Tomorrow. How may I help you?” She said in a snarky rendition of a receptionist voice.

“Come on. Do not be angry. I truly was in a meeting.” There was silence.

Tomorrow felt the spray of a liquid scented of ammonia and cheap cologne. A random hobo was squirting her windshield with the cleanser begging for payment. Tomorrow blared her horn frightening the short man. “Get the hell away from my car asshole!” As the bum scurried away yelling obscenities, she dropped her head to her steering column.

“Hello. Hello. Tomorrow?” She sighed, “Yes Trista?”

“Come on. I will make it up to you. Plus I want to discuss something with you.” Tomorrow was so exhausted from the cat-and-mouse world she lived in. Horns sounded behind her and she noticed the light had changed to green. Tomorrow shifted into gear but her engine made a gurgle sound not moving the vehicle into drive. More honking and foul language ensued.

“This is not the day I am having.” Tomorrow’s frustration level had reached epic proportions.

“Hello? Is something wrong?” Trista inquired. “My fucking car stalled out on me!” Tomorrow punched the dash not being able to take the rising temperature in her head. “And these assholes around me aren’t helping my mood!” She turned to flip off the white Lexus behind her.

“Okay Tomorrow calm down. You must not be that far from the office, so I will send a car to get you then we can meet for lunch. How does that sound?”

Tomorrow’s eyebrows perked, “You are sending a car? A car to get me?”

“Sure. I can tell them you are a cousin visiting from out of town.”

This fucking secrecy shit is killing me. Does she really think I am about to play this role? I do not think so Trista.

“Yea Trista. Send the car. We can have lunch.”

“Great. See you in a little bit.” The line disconnected causing Tomorrow’s lips to curl in a grin. “This false identity is over. I am no one’s orientation committee for alternative lifestyles,” she said activating her flashers kicking her feet up on the dash. “Trista you want to talk? Oh, we can talk.”

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