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Council of Peacocks by M. Joseph Murphy


Blurb: There is a dark world, hidden in plain sight, filled with vengeful djinn and shadowy demons. The Council of Peacocks, a group of ruthless wizards, has plans for the human race.
For centuries they have plotted and schemed. Now, the moment of Activation draws near.

Wisdom, an immortal sorcerer, has gathered a band of hybrid youths with extraordinary powers. They are trained to stop the Council. But there’s something that Wisdom doesn’t know.

The Council is no longer working alone.

If Wisdom and his students cannot stop The Council, the world as they know it will cease to exist.

Review: This was an interesting beginning to a series. Wisdom is a special kind of witty and jaded person because he’s been alive for far too long. Like any immortal, he makes his share of mistakes over his very long lifetime. But he’s insanely powerful, strong enough to overpower his father, a powerful Djinn.

Over the years Wisdom has made plenty of friends and enemies, and the lines can be blurred with both. Echo is a woman he took by force and made into an immortal, but he clearly has strong feelings for. Propates is a male he’d turned into an immortal as well, but Propates becomes an enemy. He is actually leader of the Council of Peacocks.

What I find most interesting is that Wisdom is not some altruistic character fighting solely to save mankind. He’s a selfish jerk, to be quite honest, and most lives are expandable to him. But he does care for some, most definitely Echo and a few others among the hybrids he takes in to teach to use their powers.

The author adds some bits of different mythologies and modifies them, which I’m certainly a fan of. What makes the end worthwhile for me is that Wisdom has to learn a lesson the hard way, the same as the youths he teaches. All in all, a good story despite a few grammar issues and I can’t wait for the next in the series

  1. July 21, 2013 at 5:58 pm

    Thanks for the good review. Grammar issues drive me mental. I know how much they can bring you out of the story.

    Despite being line edited several times by trained writers and paying for a proofreader, it seems there is no end to them. Thanks for letting me know. If any of them pop to mind, please message me and I’ll fix them immediately.

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