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Updates: New Release, Works in Progress, General Life stuff

It’s been a while since I blogged just to blog, and not to post a review. Things are moving around here and I figured it’s time to post an update on what’s going on.

So first, my favorite type of topic: writing. If you didn’t see the posts (shame on you), I have released book four in the Dragon Hunters series, Heir of Mjolnir. That book was a bit of a battle for me. I wanted to put things in there that the character, Vax, didn’t want in yet. Like he said, if I put everything in one book then the whole sub-series, Chosen of Hecate, that focuses on him wouldn’t be a series, but one extra long book. (If you’re asking how Vax spoke to me, get with it. A writer’s characters take residence in their head and in my case, they’re vocal. Deal with it) But he accomplished his goal. He introduced himself, he showed his insecurity in the fact that he’s completely mortal born. He dealt with some unique situations and he set up for the next book in his series. Of course, that’s not the next book in the main series. Next up will be the Three Fates. I can tell now, this book will be my longest. There is a lot of ground to cover. The creation of the new Fates or Moirae is a big deal, and of course, there is the clash of Zeus and Cronus as well as Jarel and Typhon. This is the climactic battle in the war of the heavens. Not only that, but there’s more evil than has been referred to before and it’s time for it to come to the forefront.

But the title says works in progress and I’ve only mentioned one. Of course there are others. There’s still Journeys, my experimental novel which honestly just needs to be ended. I don’t think I’ll release that one in paperback, just as an ebook. Plus, I’m still plotting out both a new pagan series and a new book that will center around swordsmen. I’ll give more details on those when I know them.

As for life stuff, well, I’m pretty busy with actually get into classes involving my major in school. I’m a psychology major so I’m pretty happy with this. Also, while I’m not wasting my time watching wrestling every week due to a declining product, I find myself with way too many opinions on what I know is happening. Therefore, there will be more blogs on my opinion on wrestling. Why? Because I like it and I can do that. Also, I may be blogging more on the issues near and dear to my heart. I have a lot of opinions in my head floating around and while I considered making a separate blog for this, I decided its more fun to just use one, plus, it saves me from having to remember the web address to it. So keep a look out for that, some author interviews, and whatever else I feel like throwing out there.

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