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Betrayal of Lancelot

Oh dear gods the hits just keep coming. The last book broke my heart. This one has shattered my soul. We come to Lancelot 600 years after Camelot is gone, apparently unable to die. He’s lived multiple lives, married and had children that have long since died. He can find no true happiness without Tancred. He’s reverted to old habits. War and sex are all he knows. But fate won’t leave him alone, and neither will the gods.

Carnwennan is somehow thrust into the modern era as well, apparently on a task to get Lancelot back to Albion. She has no memories of anything after Lancelot left, and at one point they were lovers but apparently that soured. Now she has a way back and found a man she claims could be Merlin’s descendant, but is actually housing the spirit of Merlin inside him. And Tancred is sent into the future as well. He has the same problems and less time to adjust to the world. But the two are reunited and Albion needs Lancelot. There’s always a twist.

Lancelot’s wife, Morgana, had a child with Arthur, Mordred. True to the original myths, Mordred is power hungry. But he doesn’t want Camelot. He wants Albion. But he’s stuck in the modern era as well. He needs Lancelot in order to return.

Want more problems? Lancelot slept with a guy in the beginning of the book named Fox. Fox ends up on the journey with him. At first, Tancred hates him. Then, he warms up to him. The attraction is there and I knew full well that this would suck all the fun out of my life as I read. I was right. The attraction leads to Lancelot more or less being forced to accept Fox into his relationship. Not into his bed again, but clearly Tancred takes that part.

The return to Albion causes Lancelot and Tancred to team up to revive Arthur. Arthur, having matured, still has no intentions of laying claims on Lancelot. He wants Lancelot happy. Tancred’s insecurities come to the forefront, despite having married Lancelot in the modern world. And when Lancelot admits to having slept with Arthur after leaving Tancred, the shifter snaps and lashes out. This is my ultimate heartbreak in this story. Tancred not only lashes out, he sleeps with Fox and is seen by Lancelot. Then he tries to kill himself. When that fails, he throws the ring back at Lancelot and tells him to give it to Arthur, and then adds the real killer of telling him he’ll have Morgana seperate their souls when he is well again.

I can’t quite wrap my mind around that, and the ending with Rhea and Raton is great, but I’m quite pissed with Tancred, my favorite for the past several books. I need book 8 ASAP

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