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Updates: New Beta team assembled, Reviews, next books, new series

I have so much to speak on right now. Things are going so swimmingly well these days. For starters, I’m working full time again and have an interview for another job I want. But that’s not what I’m here to speak on. You want to know what’s going on with my writing, right?

First, I’ve finally got a beta team. Three beta readers, and they are efficient. The first has already read all three books plus what I’ve written up so far on the fourth book. She reviewed them, so that’s always a plus. And she sent back a very detailed list of things needing to be fixed. Some simple typos, some grammatical errors, and some I just don’t know how the hell I missed. But they’re on top of things. It makes me happy. This time around, my books will be fully edited by other eyes than mine, and multiple eyes at that. It’s amazing how well this is turning out. I’ll be reloading the files once I have all the corrections so anyone on Kindle will probably get a notice about an update to the book. It’s just grammatical stuff. Nothing in the story is changing.

I’ve got quite a few more reviews than before on all of the books. People seem to be enjoying them by and large. What’s more, a couple of bloggers reviewed the book so they’re getting their fans in on it and I’m making more on the books. I love checking reviews personally so I brag on any good review I get. Now if only everyone that reviewed it posted it on more than just goodreads, that’d be great.

Heir of Mjolnir needs quite a bit of work before it’s finished, but I’m fairly confident it will be finished. This one is far less romance, and more action. Most of what’s left of the book will be action and the character Vax growing. The Three Fates immediately follows this book as the war of the heavens comes to a head. I just got to start the final battle between Zeus and Cronus and just talking about it makes me excited. Brandon seems to have taken the forefront in this book, as his problems with Phil are rather ridiculous but necessary to address. Demun isn’t too far behind, as Vic has returned and he’s old enough to know and confront the truth. It’s fun because the twins are so opposite in this. Brandon is quite clearly in love and trying to prove it to a reluctant werewolf, while Demun is fighting with everything he has against his obvious connection and attraction to Vic. And amidst all this, they still have to take down two of the Titans and prepare for the threat on the horizon, Lucifer’s siblings. I’m not sure who will get the book after this, so there may be a long break when it’s done.

But, not to worry. I have another series planned in my head. This time, I want to play on my pagan roots a bit. I intend to focus less on the fantasy elements and more on the people and the faith itself. It will focus on a single coven and it’s members. I want this one like my own, so with very diverse pagans. So some will just identify as pagan, some as wiccan, some as witches, shamans, mystics, priests, and priestesses. The ages will vary, the sexuality will vary, and so will the issues they face. I can’t wait to get to work on them actually. It’s still forming in my head, but the writing on it will begin very soon.

Now, I’m off to make changes to the first four books to get them the way they should be.

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