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Chivalry and Malevolence (Nine Realms: Alfheim) by Rae Ryans

Here’s another review request from a new author, Rae Ryans. Very interesting read. Bit short, I kinda want more. But good writing all the same.


I find this book interesting, as its gods are that of the Norse or Viking people. That is amazing in and of itself as they are a personal favorite mythological pantheon. Anyway, this story focuses on Princess Morgana of Alfheim, a walking pity case to some but to me a source of immense inner strength. Her mother, the Queen, is the worst type of person. She’s a high strung prissy elf queen with an incessant need to belittle and punish her daughter, resulting in Morgana being so scarred she always wears a veil. Her father and brother don’t even know the extent of her injuries. only Drust, the dragon she is betrothed to, has seen the damage and it is the reason he asked for her hand in marriage. Though dragons are not monogamous beings (kinda weird to me as a dragon lover but alright I can work with it), he loves Morgana and wishes to save her from the wrath of her mother. It’s touching.

However, he’s not who Morgana loves. She can’t love someone who needs more than her to be satisfied. Enter the human knight, Thomas. He stumbled into the realm by accident and the elves seem to punish humans by death whenever they encounter them. Elves have an over-inflated sense of self worth. They value perfection, not understanding that no one is perfect. Humans have a tendency to destroy what they don’t understand and they age much quicker than the other races of the nine realms. And apparently the elves hate anyone that doesn’t have pointed ears. Weird flaw but it all works together nicely.

Morgana seems to be one of the few with a real sense of justice and aids Thomas to escape. She gets aid from Drust and finds her real power buried beneath years of abuse and self doubt. The series is interesting to me and I definitely want to read the rest.




Rae Z. Ryans currently resides in Tumbleweed, Alabama, with her four demons (cats), three lycans (dogs), three sprites (kiddos), and her “normal” mood-shifting husband. She has lived all over the east coast and was born in Fairbanks, Alaska. Contrary to popular belief, Rae has never lived in an igloo.





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