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Pagan Journeys: First Group Ritual

So, this past weekend, I got to work in my first group ritual. I’ve done small things on my own before (one on my first anniversary with my current partner, worked pretty well). This is the first time I’ve joined in on a group ritual, and it was definitely an experience.

I’m not going to give exact reasons for the need for this ritual, out of respect to the party involved. However, this ritual was meant to help a friend in need and I’m always in support of that. So we set up a time for Saturday night to perform the ritual and we all came in at the same time. This started off very interesting.

I should note that this was done with an online group and we are all over the place, even across the sea in England. That made this that much more unique for me. And as we gathered our energy and channeled to to aid in the work to help our friend, we all got different visions of each other. Two people saw me as lightning, which works since my patron is Zeus. Others saw me in colors. The friend we were helping told me to her I was a very bright red. For me, I saw everyone as a large ball of rainbow light. I could sense everyone there, but I didn’t see them distinctly. It was unique to feel so much energy gathered at one time and working towards one goal. Others were seen in colors or as parts of nature, such as grass or flowers. Very interesting to me. Apparently, we all see auras and the like very differently. For instance, my best friend sees my aura as blue and it sparks like lightning. In this ritual I was seen as a really hot red and also as actual lightning. My old teacher saw my aura as a bright orange. Very different each time anyone sees my aura.

Then there was the after effect. I went to sleep that night and I had a dream. Now lately I’ve been dreaming of someone I’m spiritually linked to, so this was a nice change of pace. In my dream, I was in a brightly lit cave filled with crystals. In this dream, there was a woman in what I can only describe as an older styled blue gown. She was dark haired and kind of pale, and holding a long crystal wand. I could not identify her so I asked in the group the following day. The general consensus is that she was our friend’s mother, which was awesome for me to come across.

I suffered no ill effects from the amount of energy used in this ritual. It made me really hungry and I scarfed down half a pizza and a liter of Pepsi. Best experience ever, I think. I would love to do another, but on a smaller scale instead of the immediate pressing need that this one brought. I hope we can all get together for a more peaceful ritual the next time. I definitely felt good afterward and it seems like a lot of good energy is surrounding me now.

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