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Special Rewards by M.L. Ryan

Book two was an interesting addition. Hailey has powers thanks to Sebastian sharing her body and has a tendency to blow things up when angry. So the book starts with Sebastian teaching her to control her newfound power. At first glance, he’s the worst teacher, because he constantly pisses her off. But the point is to teach her how to suppress her powers when angered. Slowly but surely she gets the hang of it.

But there are other complications. Alex is summoned by his mother, though he ignores this. Strange occurrences start happening the first time he leaves her. A tree in her yard is mysteriously set on fire. Then, upon his return, Sebastian is arrested on charges of endangering a human. So now they have to venture into Courso for the trial. While there, a snake is smuggled into their hotel room and they’re shot at, forcing Hailey to reveal another ability no one expected and that’s rare among Courso kind. From here they are taken to the royal palace, as upon their arrival in the realm, it’s revealed that Alex is a prince. Alex and sebastian try to make sense of who is targeting them, figuring that someone wants revenge on Alex and in another attack, a man is apprehended and they think it’s done. It’s not done and the real culprit is surprising and his logic is that of an insane man.

I enjoyed this book as well. Hailey is the type of character I can’t help but like. She’s a natural sarcastic smartass and makes even tense situations amusing. She’s clearly still growing as a person and I find myself wondering what will happen with her and Alex. Also, there seems to be something to her dreams. It’s almost like precognition that caters to her sick twisted sense of humor in order to warn her. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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