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Pagan Journeys: Dealing with Christians

I have not blogged on my journey lately and for that I’m sorry. I’ve gotten rather caught up in personal life issues and just haven’t had the time to sit and properly document things. But now I’m going to tackle a problem that I was reminded of just last night: Christians.

Now, I’m not one of those pagans that hates Christians. On the contrary, I realize we share some similar principles. However, there are quite a number of differences and there are problems associating with Christians. Clearly, we don’t have the strict doctrines of the Christian faith. We do not have a god that is quite that demanding. I for one believe in many gods and most pagans have a different patron. Some choose Greek Gods, some choose Roman, Norse, Egyptian, Celtic, Japanese etc. Personally, my patrons are Zeus and Hera, the king and queen of the Greek Gods.

So why am I speaking on this? Because Christians have a problem with me and my choice of faith and my sexuality. And it is increasingly difficult to deal with. For instance, my best friend is Christian. She has a habit of quoting biblical bullshit at me about homosexuality being wrong. I respect her faith, but it’s a little annoying when your best friend essentially likes to tell you you’re sinning and going to a hell you don’t believe in. But what struck me is her problem with my significant other going to church.

Let me interject here, I have no problem with him going to church. If he’s finding a faith that speaks to him, spectacular. As long as he doesn’t try to get me into the house of Yahweh, we’re good. I respect Yahweh and the ideals He’s supposed to represent, but he is not my patron. I do not follow his doctrines, and I believe his doctrines have been scrambled over the years and his words distorted.

Back on point, she has a problem with this because in her eyes homosexuality is a sin. Now, I had to point out, plenty of homosexuals grew up in Christian homes and adhere to many of the Christian values, but their interpretation of the Bible does not lead them to believe that their sexual preference is a sin. I also pointed out that there are those that believe that the Old Testament, which houses the chapter of Leviticus that says that “man shall not lie with man as with woman. It is an abomination”, is meant for God’s chosen people, the Jewish people, and the New Testament is for Christians. I added further onto this that Jesus does not preach hate and intolerance, nor does he condone this judgment of others. So in her mind, homosexuals should not be going to church because they are sinning and trying to stop.

This is a prime example of why I can never follow this faith. No one can agree on the interpretation of the ancient texts. Die-hards such as her refuse to acknowledge that the versions of the bible she has seen are compiled from what people in power decided hundreds of years ago should go into it, and not all texts of the bible are actually included in it. Furthermore, your faith is on the decline and you would push people out seeking out your god because you don’t agree with you sexual preferences? This is where I get offended, and she’s not the only one I’ve come across like this.

So how do I deal with these type of Christians? Honestly, I push them away. I do not thrive on confrontation, and when you point out to these types of Christians the faults in their logic, their mind cannot comprehend it and therefore they lash out. Now, the result of this tends to be me losing my inner peace and smacking the shit out of them, so I prefer to avoid the topic of religion and sexuality whenever possible. However, the latter is rather impossible being that it is my sexuality they have a problem with. And it does not register to these people that a)paganism predates their religion b)we don’t believe in what they believe and c)they really can’t change our minds. You lack the ability to convince us of your belief system, and your insistence on persecuting all that do not follow what you think is your path is clearly pushing people away from your religion.

Now, are there nice and understanding Christians? Yes, there are. These are the ones that know their faith and are comfortable with it. They acknowledge history, which shows that the majority of their holidays were taken from Pagan holidays. They hold sensible conversations and ask questions to compare our faith to theirs. These are the Christians that see the similarities in our value systems and simply respect that we do not worship Yahweh, though we do acknowledge his existence the same way we do Zeus, Odin, Ra, or whatever other ancient god we choose to worship. These Christians are tolerant and can have a peaceful conversation with you about their beliefs and their scriptures without putting you down and they understand that they are not the final judge, so they cannot tell you that you are going to hell. These are Christians who will not focus on your sexuality because they understand that a true Christian has their own personal relationship with God. God is all knowing and to have faith is to know the Lord, right? Meaning, if God hasn’t shown some drastic problem with homosexuals, it is not their place to do so. In the end, God is the final judge in the Christian faith, and he will decide on Judgment Day the fate of all souls.

The latter type of Christian is getting few and far between. I have grown accustomed to the closed minded ones, and this makes it so hard to respect their faith or to take the high road and ignore them. I am in a pagan group on Facebook. I’m bisexual and I’m sure there’s a lesbian or two in the group. No one cares. We speak with respect at all times. All of them showed some form of support on the issue of gay marriage. I have conversations with the ladies on famous guys I think are hot. It is normal. We all have patrons from different pantheons, but none cast judgment on the others. We try our best to uplift each other. If we find someone interested in the pagan or Wiccan path and they ask legitimate questions, we answer them. We don’t feel the need to force anyone to our belief system. It is not for everyone. Just as Christianity isn’t for everyone. In this group, I find myself able to vent about anything. I never feel like an outsider, I never feel as if anyone looks down on me. And we don’t sit around and bash Christians. We do acknowledge problems we run into with our Christian family members and friends, and cases like this do come up. However, we do not have an outright hatred for the Christian faith. We know there are some that respect us and our faith. There are some that understand the concept that if one is going to come to Jesus, they will do it on their own and trying to force them to it will only push them further away. There are some that understand that some people just will not convert to the Christian faith and that doesn’t necessarily make them a bad person. These people are to be respected.

So, to clear this up, I’m not a hater of Christians or any other particular group of people. This particular group of people has become increasingly difficult to deal with. This is a particular bump that reoccurs constantly as I continue on my path. I find it easiest to avoid getting too heavy into the concept of faith and most definitely sexuality with the majority of these people. As I said, I prefer to avoid confrontation and with a large number of Christians that I run across, this particular issue causes problems of epic proportions. I hope to one day write on a completely positive experience with a Christian. I have faith that there are some true to their actual faith and not so closed minded.

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  1. Felicia Arnold
    April 6, 2013 at 1:43 pm

    Drako,,I feel your pain! I have not yet had the experience of having a pleasant discussion of religious ideals with a Christian, either, so I find myself doing the same…avoiding confrontation. I have even been asked in times of strife, “What are your Gods doing for you, that Jesus can’t do?” Sometimes, I feel as though the whole concept of Christianity is to remove any self brought happiness whatsoever…I am sorry that you are suffering this, but don’t let it change you as a person…You are an amazing human! You are kind, open hearted, and amzingly, intelligent! Don’t let the narrowmindedness of others make you bitter, or doubt yourself for a moment. I believe that you are exactly who you are supposed to be…Consider your interactions, to be a test of your own faith! If you ever want to hear some horror stories, about some of my experiences, hit me up, and I have tons of them! 🙂 Just ask me about the time that I fed a whole group of Jehovah’s witnesses broken glass on accident! EEEKKK! Stand firm, and just know that you are doing what is right for you…although, I do wish you restraint and confidence in your future dealings with them.

    • April 6, 2013 at 1:49 pm

      Restraint is the goal. It’s what I struggle with. I’m a libra that hates confrontation, but I also have one hell of a temper. I’ve handled it well so far I think, but certain things just push my buttons.

  2. April 11, 2013 at 11:10 am

    Bro, I get where you’re coming from and a real friend and Christian would not constantly condemn you and tune you out when you pitch a logical argument. Live and let live, right?

  3. Misty
    April 12, 2013 at 3:52 pm

    nice to seem i’m not the only one that had a run in that day. I was unfriended by my Christian friend because I told her I choose to be happy in my spiritual beliefs then try and be someone i’m not by trying to conform to what a book says I should be. I was raised in church and never felt comfortable because people like me that have dealt with spirits almost daily are sinners and products of satan and should ask god to release them from these sins. no point in fussing with them their right and your wrong until they choose to open their eyes.

    • April 12, 2013 at 4:23 pm

      sounds like you’re better off. in every other way, this particular friend of mine is the best. but this one thing just sets me off

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