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Lancelot’s Burden by Sarah Luddington

I can’t help but be hooked on this series. Lancelot is the kind of character that reaches out and puts a stranglehold on your heart.
So in this book, we get a surprise. As Lancelot travels with Tancred, Rhea, Nimue, and Bors, they are attacked and Tancred is nearly killed. Lancelot blocks the killing blow and Tancred gets some revenge as he kills Rafe, Lancelot’s half brother and Nimue’s son who had blatantly used Tancred for his own purposes. However, Lancelot nearly dies and drastic measures are taken, resulting in his union of souls with Arthur ending and his soul being bound to Tancred instead. Of course, nothing is ever simple for Lancelot and Tancred.
The union unlocks more power in Tancred, revealing him as a shifter, apparently something akin to a werewolf. He cannot resume form on his own and Lancelot cannot hear his thoughts. Epona, a goddess, helps in what small way she can by allowing Tancred to resume form during daylight hours. More twists and turns come as they continue on their search for objects to help the gods take down the Titans once and for all. Tancred is abducted again, this time by shifters like himself and revealed to be of royal blood among shifters. His father is Cerrunnos, a well known mythological figure as he was a celtic sun god in the myths. The shifters want him to take his father’s place, prompting more torture for Tancred.
There are more twists and dangers, and strange alliances are made, all culminating in the civil war among the gods in which Tarranis has decided he wants the death of all Titans, including Rhea, while others want to use the Titans in hopes of wielding their ancient power.
I enjoy Lancelot’s story because he’s always struggling but finds the strength to do whatever is needed to protect his loved ones. I hurt for him, and I want to read more.

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