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Lover At Last by J.R. Ward (Lots of spoilers though)

I have waited for this book since it first became clear that Blay was in love with Qhuinn. Finally it has arrived and I’m happy, yet I’m not happy.

Let’s start with the obvious. In the last book, Layla, the Chosen, hit her needing and came to Qhuinn to satisfy her urges during this time in hopes of conceiving a child, someone both of them could love. The two are not in love with each other, which actually makes them more human, but it’s a horrible experience for Blay, who despite being with Saxton, Qhuinn’s cousin, will always be in love with Qhuinn. So we open the book with that debacle over and Layla struggling through the pregnancy. Great, and she’s also in love with the enemy of her king. Blay is flailing, desperately trying to make things work with Saxton because Qhuinn told him he envisioned himself ending up with a woman. Of course, Qhuin has always been in love with Blay, so this should be a short book, right?

Wrong. Unfortunately Qhuinn is a blithering idiot who time after time steps all over Blay’s heart. So, we come in with a huge list of problems. First, Saxton breaks up with Blay because he knows Blay is truly in love with Qhuinn and Saxton is in love with Blay but cannot have his feelings returned. Ok, great, noble, and totally fucked up. Blay tells no one, and this leads to the first real problem of the book (not counting Layla’s pregnancy). After the breakup Saxton chooses to try having sex with someone else in an attempt to move on. When returning home, Qhuinn scents another male on him and loses it, nearly killing his cousin until Blay, with only a few words, forces him to back off. Then the shit gets really twisted.

Qhuinn, having decided he wants Blay and will take him any way he can get him, proposes that Blay sleep with him to get back at Saxton. For about a page and a half, I was proud of Blay. He resisted and refused. Then, I got pissed because he caved in. And here we come to another problem Most women that write male on male sex scenes have enough gay friends to understand the mechanics. While JR Ward understands the concept of where a penis is inserted, that’s about all she understands apparently. For those familiar with the series, we know that her vampire males experience multiple orgasms (lucky fuckers). So Qhuinn comes pretty much as soon as he touches Blay. That’s not the problem. The problem is that when the sex happens, our Warden decides that they should use sperm for lube. No, that is not how males have sex. My next problem, which will persist throughout the book, is that the two only ever had sex doggy style. Hate to tell you this Ward, but just about every position a male and female can get into a male and a male can manuever into as well. So, every time from the first til the last that these two have sex, it is only doggy style. Next problem, Qhuinn marks Blay but Blay never marks him. They’re bonded MALES. Both should have the urge to mark the other. It only makes sense. One more problem, the first time they have sex, Blay runs into the problem of thinking of Qhuinn with Layla. The second time, Qhuinn thinks of Blay being with Saxton first. No, this is not supposed to be an issue during sex.

And I can’t help but focus on the lies during the entire course of this book. Blay lies for most of the book, letting Qhuinn think he’s still with Saxton. Qhuinn lies to himself and everyone else during the majority of the book. He takes the rap for Layla initiating sex in the last book and faces Phury’s wrath. He jumps away from Blay when Vishous walks in on them in a tender moment. He outright denies being gay until the last chapter. Uh, what? I’m sorry, but we all know you fuck guys, Qhuinn. That was merely an insult to the reader. Further insult, Qhuinn hits all these realizations that I could have sworn he’d already hit in the end of the last book when he looks at Blay and decides that he belongs to him. But now in this book he denies that he’s gay but admits he wants Blay. Blay forces him to come to terms with the fact that he doesn’t know himself. And now he realizes that he’s fucked up in the head and his line of thinking because his parents hated him? I thought we knew that already.

Then there is Layla. I actually have begun to hate her already. She’s a whiny little brat. And it’s not hormones. She’s incredibly stupid and bordering on selfish. First, in the beginning she’s miscarrying. This makes me feel sorry for her. Instead of going to Doc Jane in the compound, she goes to see Havers, the doctor of the race who has proven to be a complete asshole. Of course, he figures out she’s a Chosen and will not speak to her without Phury, the Primale, being present. So she is forced to suffer alone. Then, Payne, Vishous’ sister, heals her and her baby. When she needs proof she’s still pregnant, the idiot runs to Blay, not Qhuinn (males scent the pregnancy of females apparently). She also blurts out to Blay that Qhuinn is in love with him. But the epitome of all stupidity with her is when she takes a car out alone, with no one at all to make sure she’s safe, and runs into Xcor, the enemy of the king. Apparently, they are supposed to end up together but are on opposite sides of the war so they’re going to fight it. Yeah, no, don’t sell me that crap. I’m sorry, but Layla has reached the level of stupid to where she’s annoying and useless. In the end, she will only endanger Qhuinn and Blay and everyone else in a future book. I see it coming and frankly, I’m beginning to hope she dies after her daughter is born.

There are also several side stories that honestly, no one gives a fuck about. I don’t care about Assail and his human. I don’t care that the Shadow, Trez, is fated to marry the princess of his people but clearly his mate is another one of the chosen. Honestly, i don’t much care about Layla and Xcor unless they’re going to die together (which they don’t in this book damn it). They should not have taken up nearly so much space in the novel that is about Blay and Qhuinn.

I hate, and I do mean HATE Blay’s weakness in this book. I hate that this story went on for so long and so many things that should already have been established and not needed to go into so much depth with were dragged out. And then there’s the Epilogue.

Now, in theory, this was a nice gesture. Qhuinn sets up this huge,…ceremony? Engagement party? I don’t exactly understand. The idea of marriage is implied. Qhuinn apparently asked Blay’s father for permission. By the end, I assume it’s a wedding. Here’s the fucking problem Ward: You did not give us the whole ceremony. Yeah, it’s great Qhuinn got everyone to help him organize and pull this off. It’s sweet that he actually wants to be mated in front of everyone. But you screwed us out of the actual ceremony. As long as we’ve waited, I want to be able to follow through the whole ceremony, not just the making of it. I want words and blessings by the king if not the Scribe Virgin herself. I want a showing of Qhuinn’s total love and acceptance of Blay, which Blay damn well deserves. He has held Qhuinn up through being born into a crap family that finds his beautifully mismatched eyes to be a defect. He rescued him when Qhuinn’s family had him beaten by a squad led by his own brother. He was even the first to discover Qhuinn’s family dead in the raids. He put up with Qhuinn whoring. He watched Qhuinn give himself to every random stranger he could find without ever giving Blay anything of himself more than a couple of kisses that broke Blay’s heart. Blay deserves all the ceremony that all the other couples got and then some. None of them went through the type of crap Qhuinn put him through to get their males. Their males never denied wanting them. Never passed on them. Never screwed a random whore in front of them. Blay deserved a well written ceremony and what we got seems half assed.

Now, I am happy that they finally got together. But this book could have been so much more than what it was. As it stands, a large number of fans can skip this book and not miss much. Die hards will read it, and many will be disappointed I fear. This long wait and all the teasing only for ward not to give Blay and Qhuinn the proper amount of attention they deserved. This book seems like she didn’t try nearly as hard. While it is great that Blay and Qhuinn got their moment, I’m less than satisfied with how they were treated and I feel rather cheated. I recommend fans of the series read it, but don’t get your hopes up.

  1. Taylor
    June 23, 2013 at 8:58 pm

    Layla isn’t stupid. She intentionally went looking for Xcor because she is drawn to him the same way every other pair of star-crossed lovers in the series were drawn to each other. She knows it isn’t smart but she can’t help herself. It’s supposed to be romantic. She had no reason to think Qhunin being in love with Blay was a secret and in fact telling him helped. She was just letting him know that she didn’t have a claim on him even though he fathered her child. I thought it was sweet.

    • June 23, 2013 at 9:15 pm

      I find her to be too ditzy. I don’t like her, and I don’t look forward to her getting a book. I don’t think she needs one. My personal opinion, I hate her. Prior to this book I could overlook what she did because she’s new to the world of man. This book just bothered me

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