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Updates on Heir of Mjolnir, Journeys, and The Three Fates

It’s been a while since I’ve done a normal blog. Got plenty of updates.

First, the next book, Heir of Mjolnir is nearing its conclusion. I like the cast of this book so far. Vax is a smart ass, but has a fatal flaw, his own lack of self confidence. He’s a mortal born witch, so he wasn’t born into the world I’ve created. He was thrust into it. Brandon and Demun are settling more into their new godly roles and Hecate is the mysterious all powerful goddess she’s always been, manipulating the downfall of Lucifer. I’ve gotten a few twists thrown at me. For starters, Vic, our resident phoenix, has a daughter who appears in this book. Also, they encounter a very well known demon and Vax gets to perform an exorcism.

The Three Fates, of course is the fifth book in the series. I’ve been thrown through a loop already. Brandon, who I thought was the less sexual of the twins, decided to get excessively sexual for this book very early. As in chapter two and four are him getting it on with his soul mate. I wasn’t exactly prepared for that. It just happened. There are several focusing points for this book. Victoria is at the end of her pregnancy, Demun conceived his child, and Brandon’s son Theo is even more powerful than anyone realized when he was introduced. Vic also makes his return and once he accepts his role he becomes an asshole of new levels that is giving me quite a bit of laughter.

Then there’s Journeys. I hate writing this book, honestly. It’s soul wrenching because it’s inspired by bits of my own life. But it’s getting close to the end. I’m not happy with the tragedy that takes place in the end. Certain tragedies are unavoidable but this one tragedy for the end is unplanned and upsetting.

Also, there has been some discussion between myself and Drago about partnering on one of the future books in the Dragon Hunters series. We’ll see how that goes since I have very distinct plans in the storyline and his character was not planned. Also, he wants to do a transgender character and honestly the idea doesn’t suit me. We’re not done with discussions on his design for the character and nothing is set in stone yet. For now it’s still in the brainstorming stages.


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