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Lancelot’s Challenge by Sarah Luddington

So, we have another book which had to be devoured. Lancelot returns again to defend Camelot as a threat has arisen. Arthur is wounded in battle and Lancelot calls out with his Fey blood for help, to the Lady of the Lake.
Now, unlike the stories, the Lady is a stone cold bitch. There’s no nice way to put that. She’s cold hearted and greedy and flaunts her power. She has no love for Arthur and apparently despises anything sexual. She is the cousin of Nimue and she wants the throne. She intends to use Lancelot to get it. So she heals Arthur in exchange for Lancelot’s service of a year and a day. She has him retrained to fight for her as her champion to win her the throne, determined to turn the Fey race into prudes apparently.
Lancelot has no choice, as if he defies her she can immediately kill Arthur. So he takes up an enchanted sword of his own and goes to fight for the Lady. He is reunited with Tancred, whose relationship with the full Fey apparently didn’t work so well, as Lancelot’s half brother doesn’t understand the concept of monogamy. Together with Morgana, they hatch a plan to keep the Lady off the throne and insert Lancelot instead. Of course, it’s never simple and Merlin has his hands in things again. So just when Lancelot thinks he’ll have peace as ruler of Albion and no longer under Arthur’s influence, he’s given a mission from the actual gods themselves to lead us into the next story.
FYI, I don’t much like Tancred at the moment. Yeah, he’s supposed to be the better match since he can give stability but his insecurity irks me, and his reasoning for leaving Rafe, Lancelot’s brother, would personally make me punch him in the face. Oh, so you don’t like being abused and somewhat discarded. Gee, what the hell did you think would happen with a full Fey being given power over you, moron? Also, I’m hoping Merlin takes a bit bigger of a role in coming books, simply because I’m partial to the Merlin character and want to see what he can do. I can’t wait to get to the next book.

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