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Lancelot and the Grail by Sarah Luddington

Well, the third book certainly took some twists I didn’t forsee. We open with a very broken Lancelot alone in the woods, reeling from the loss of Tancred and his betrayal by Arthur. His very psyche apparently has fractured. In his loneliness, someone appears. At first, we have no idea who it is, but soon it is revealed to be Tancred. Over several months, he nurses Lancelot back to health, in order to return him to Arthur, who is just as broken. Tancred loves Lancelot fiercely, but he’s a king’s man as well and will do his duty.
The reunion with Arthur is not happy. Lancelot’s pain makes him fear Arthur and retreat back into his insanity. This hurts Arthur, and the King lashes out like a petulant child. Just when we fear the split is permanent, the two are forced to make a journey together. In order to stop Aeddan, Lancelot’s father and king of the Fey, they need the help of the Titans and must venture into the underworld to obtain it. Try as he might, Lancelot cannot truly resist Arthur, for they are two halves of a whole. This hurts Tancred, who I’d grown to like, but Tancred has secrets of his own. After obtaining help from the Titans and coming to some very hard truths, Lancelot loses Tancred, which by the way hurt my feelings as I was growing accustomed to the idea of them being together. But apparently Tancred’s full Fey heritage means he needs a full Fey to be happy. Frankly, I want to punch him in the face for this but whatever. He did his job, apparently. Now Lancelot and Arthur have become one and it’s time to take down the king of the Fey, with the help of little Titan Rhea.
I happen to like Rhea. She seems very near to what the Titan Queen of legend should be, despite being trapped in a child’s body. She’s smart and funny and I rather hope she doesn’t turn all evil or something later because she’s entertaining. But i know this happily ever after won’t last, so it’s on to the next book.

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