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Lancelot and the Sword by Sarah Luddington

So, the first book had me hooked and rooting for Arthur and Lancelot, and hating Guinevere. This book has changed things drastically.

We open with Arthur, Lancelot, and Merlin returning to Camelot to find Guinevere broken and victimized and the kingdom in shambles. The three quickly work to get the kingdom back in shape and we are introduced to a new character, Tancred, who becomes Lancelot’s steward. But, if we thought the Fey were done after book one, we’re wrong. Now a new threat has risen with greater power, and he’s Lancelot’s father. It’s a race back to Avalon in an effort to save Camelot from the invading Fey again. Filled with more undead and a ruthless usurper trying to seize Arthur’s throne.

Of course, Arthur and Lancelot’s relationship takes a new turn with Guinevere now being far more accepting of their love but it’s odd and Lancelot understands that he must surrender Arthur. The fighting gets more fierce and just when they think they have the battle won, the tables are turned and tragedy strikes. And the relationship between the king and his knight changes irrevocably.

I’m quite pleased with this book, though slightly troubled and I cannot wait to read the next, as Lancelot in all his pain is simply mesmerizing and leaves me hoping he’ll find happiness that lasts

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