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Not His Kiss to Take by Finn Marlowe

This book was surprising to me. I was a little wary of the plot but it piqued my interested anyway. So I had to read it.

Here’s the story of Dr Evan Harrison, a doctor forced to give up his practice due to crippling, never ending headaches. He’s mostly a recluse, leaving his home only for necessities like groceries and occasionally to go to a bar for some human contact. On one such night, his path meets that of a younger man named Jamie. Evan is gay and Jamie is straight, so they seem fated not to go anywhere, right? Well, wrong. Tragedy strikes at the bar, resulting in Jamie being jumped and violated in the bathroom and Evan discovering him. Jamie is poor and refuses to go to the hospital, so Evan takes him home to treat him. Jamie is instantly suspicious of Evan, thinking that he’s a pervert. Evan is attracted, but tries keeping his oath and taking care of Jamie, attending to his cuts and bruises, bruised ribs, and concussion. Things take an interesting choice when Evan has to check Jamie for tears from the violation, but again Evan tries to keep professional. So, Evan eventually nurses the younger man back to health.

Things are clearly fated not to stay completely professional, as the two get to know each other and Jamie’s curiosity is peaked. Things get strange in the treatment and finally, Jamie gives in a bit to his curiosity, convinced that he’s still straight and sex is sex, though the two keep it oral. But there’s no story without conflict, and eventually a lot of things have to be dealt with. Jamie has to deal with the trauma from his assault as well as his actual sexuality, and Evan has to deal with his deepening feelings for what is supposed to be a straight man. This is kind of like a stereotypical gay guy’s dream, but such an absorbing read and the scenes in it are just hot. So many scenes without actual sex that are just smokin’ hot and then the actual sex just blows the mind without taking from the story. Actually, it makes the story and I have definitely been entertained from start to finish.

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