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Lazy Sundays by K-lee Klein

Giving in to my newfound addiction here again. This story centers on Scott and Devon, a One Night stand gone long. The story starts with the two together, in an easy routine. They spend every Saturday night and Sunday together. There’s a lot of sex but a bit of bonding despite not knowing each other very well. At one point, the story flashes back to when they first met in a bar, not a gay bar but a jazz bar. Devon approaches Scott first, who is, of all things, an accountant. Devon’s career choice is unknown but he has plenty of tattoos and piercings so it’s a case of opposites attract. The two hit it off and of course sleep together, but it doesn’t end at that one night. Before long, Scott begins to catch feelings but is unsure of how Devon feels. Devon throws some signs, asking personal questions and trying to get to know Scott, but the favor is not returned. Of course, there has to be a breaking point, as Scott, who has very low self confidence and experiences near crippling panic attacks, lets his paranoia run wild and the climax hits. It’s not the end, but both have a few issues to work on and secrets to reveal, and they actually work really well together. This wasn’t a long story but served its purpose. It was definitely interesting and tasteful, and left me wanting to read more from the author.

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