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Nightlife: New York by Travis Luedke

Seriously battling this new found addicition to vampire erotic romance…..Yeah, who am I kidding? No I’m not and I don’t intend to. I love vampires and I love erotic romance.  Best thing ever. So lets get to it, shall we?

This story centers around Michelle, a vampire and apparently drop dead gorgeous escort, and Aaron, a young waiter with serious self confidence issues that allows most folks to just walk over him. He’s working in a restaurant and getting off work when he comes across what looks like an angel to him in Michelle. She’s mesmerizing to him, and this leads him to get a bit stupid. Two cops decide to hassle her and Michelle decides to kick the crap out of them. Unfortunately, she gets just slightly sloppy and doesn’t properly disarm one. When Aaron tries to come to her defense, he’s shot. Michelle is then left with a dilemma, and decides to turn him.

There’s a major drawback to being turned. The person turned is the servant of the person turning them. And the impression of Michelle being an angel is dispelled quickly. She has little to no patience and a vicious streak. Of course, Aaron is more than a little naive, and in some cases Michelle’s control freak tendencies are quite useful in saving him. Of course, she also uses sex to get what she wants, instead of simply ordering him to do or say what she wants every time. When he gets too drunk on his abilities or too hungry with feeding, she does exercise her will using her masterly bond. Sucks to be Aaron in that case but oh well.

Each of the two have some deep embedded issues. Aaron has abandonment issues with his mother and a severe lack of self confidence. Michelle has control issues after being subjected to the maniacal control of her own master for years. As if that wasn’t enough conflict, they have the two cops that got them into this mess after them, and they aren’t the good kind of cops. They’re worthless scum of the earth that abuse their power, and they’re determined to exact revenge on the woman who had humiliated them.

The author has a way of drawing you into the main characters. This is the second one I’ve read and each time, I hate the vampires from the start. In this case, she redeemed herself quite nicely and the ending confrontation was just awesome. Seriously, I now love Michelle. Definitely going to read more by this author

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