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Blood Slave by Travis Luedke

Honestly, I’ve got to stop getting sucked into erotica. I promise I’m not really this perverted…….HA! Yeah I couldn’t even try to say that with a straight face. Hopefully this doesn’t count as porn to my other half. But on to the subject.

I’m a sucker for vampires, and the idea of a blood slave is not foreign to me. This book was a bit more than I expected. Firstly, I’ve got loads of lesbian friends so I know what they do, but I’ve never read a lesbian sex scene. I have to say, having one so early didn’t take away from anything. It’s much more interesting than listening to it from friends. So we open with Hope, an escort, meeting with Lia, her client for the evening. Of course, Lia isn’t any normal hot Asian chick, as Hope thought. She’s a vampire, and Hope has her own secret. She’s a telepath. Unfortunately for her, this makes her immune to Lia’s attempts to erase her memories. So Lia takes her to her master, Enrique, as she’s not allowed to kill her outright. Enrique feels he has no choice but to turn her into a blood slave, hints the title. Little strange, and the sex starts a lot sooner than I would have expected but alright I can live with that.

The interesting part of all this is that Lia immediately despises Hope from the moment she is unable to wipe her mind. It’s obvious throughout most of the book. It switches up a bit when Enrique makes it clear that Hope will be a part of their lives for as long as she lives. Of course it’s an act and her true motives become clear in a sick twisted web of lies and deceit. In the end, the inevitable comes and frankly made me slightly happier.

Only criticism I have is that clearly this is written by a straight guy. Certain measurements made me laugh. I couldn’t believe what was described as large in this book. Sure, it isn’t exactly small, but it’s not enormous either. I got a good laugh each time certain parts of the male anatomy were described. The fact that a prostitute had trouble taking this was even more hilarious to me. Seriously, I’m laughing as I write this. But overall, it was a great read with some very steamy parts and an interesting back story. I look forward to reading more from this author

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