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Lancelot and the Wolf by Sarah Luddington

I love the stories of King Arthur. I will always be drawn to them. So naturally this one caught my eye. My oh my am I glad it did.

We begin this story after Lancelot’s affair with Guinevere and subsequent punishment and banishment by author. Contrary to popular versions, he did not rescue Guinevere and escape with her. In fact, he took all of the blame for their affair despite the fact that Guinevere seduced him. Right off, we understand that Lancelot has a great love for his king and immense guilt for hurting Arthur. But he is banished and leaves England. In the next village, he’s determined to enter a life of drinking and sleeping with whores, but that changes when he meets Else, a boy he rescues from being raped. Off they go on an adventure, with Else as his squire. But they are chased by authorities and when Else is wounded, Lancelot learns that Else is a woman, and the daughter of Merlin. They enter the land of the fey and are locked in a spell, which Else narrowly gets them out of but she finally tells Lancelot the truth. She needs him to rescue author from the Fey and those in his own court that seek to take his throne. But, they are locked under a spell which they need Merlin to free them from and so they venture back to Camelot. It’s not an easy venture and much has gone wrong in the legendary kingdom, including the king. But with some convincing they persuade Arthur to help them find Merlin and the adventure gets stranger as we discover the real love between Arthur and Lancelot. It’s a love both have fought for years because they were told it is unnatural. But in the end, they must face it and accept it.

I was pleasantly surprised with this book. Guinevere is quite the harpie in this version (to put it nicely) and Nimue, the love of Merlin, is even worse. I was quite surprised to see her as a fey in this story and mother of Else, but it made things interesting. The bond between Arthur and Lancelot was a way I would never have seen them before, but it was so intriguing. I was glued to this book. I really felt for Arthur and Lancelot and all the pain they caused each other. For me, that was a storybook romance. Filled with bumps and betrayal, and some off the wall explanations, but I must read the rest of this series.

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