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Forbidden by Amy Miles

I have always loved the idea of Dracula. I immensely enjoy seeing others’ representation of the legendary mythical figure. So this book was a special treat for me.So this story centers around Roseline, the unwilling bride of Bladamir, who we know as Dracula. He’s sadistic and brutal, having slaughtered her family on the night of their wedding. At that time, she was only a teenager herself, and hadn’t really lived her own life yet. She was forced into immortality and became Vladamir’s captive. Any act of defiance was met with brutal beatings that a human being couldn’t possibly withstand. After 300 years, she finally escapes, fleeing to America.

Once in America, she enrolls in high school, which seems to be the most effective method for her to blend in. Unfortunately, she’s insanely beautiful and as an immortal, she lets off pheromones that make her irresistible to the male side of the human race. She tries to keep a low profile but is befriended by Sadie, what some would call the school outcast, and her brother William. In time, she meets Gabriel, the high school jock that I expected to be an arrogant jackass but is actually an artist at heart forced into the jock role by his stepfather. The attraction between the two is obvious, and at points annoying. But it’s undeniable, no matter how much Sadie and William both hate it. It’s only a matter of time until the two get together.

Of course, it can’t be a fairy tale ending, as Fane, Roseline’s best friend and former lover, returns to bring her back to Romania after she makes the mistake of contacting him for help with Gabriel, who isn’t at all what he seems. So sets off the entire cast going to Romania, and in comes the vampire hunters who are only slightly misguided and a very close call with death for Roseline. Surprisingly, there’s a bit of heartbreak at the end and a cliffhanger that leaves me dying to read the next book.

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