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Dragon Rose by Christine Pope

I found this in the collection of books on my kindle that i’ve downloaded and not gotten to. I’m always interested in a good dragon related book, so this was a must read for me.

So this book is written from the point of view of the main character, Rhianne. She lives in a town where every few years or so, one unlucky girl between the ages of 16 and 20 is chosen to become the bride of the Dragon, the lord of a mysterious manor. This bride severs all ties to her family and goes to wed the Dragon, never to be seen or heard from again.

As we open the story, we realize that Rhianne’s father makes pottery but is getting old and having a harder time doing some of the painting, so Rhianne secretly does it for him. This is a time in which women were not allowed in trade. Rhianne’s mother is trying to marry her off but Rhianne is uninterested. Her latest suitor discovers her painting and essentially ruins the family. Rhianne’s best friend is soon chosen to be the Dragon’s Bride, but Rhianne steps in for her because her friend was already engaged.

Once at the manor of the Dragon, there’s a lot of mystery to be solved. Firstly, the Dragon himself, Tharan, never shows his face or hands. He’s always in a cloak, even during their wedding, and he makes no attempt to consummate the marriage at all. He has no problem with Rhianne’s painting and even buys her supplies to pass the time. They take dinner together but he’s always holding himself back. As the story goes on, Rhianne begins to wonder what really happened to the other brides, as this has been the way of things for over 500 years. Add in some mysterious dreams and it’s a pretty good tale right up until the end.

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